Delay On Apple iPhone 5S

Well, the News is that Apple is Delaying its next iPhone Launch until fall, there are many speculations as to why. I will go back to a Youtube Video that I did talking about Fingerprint Technology, Video here (Watch)

Now the rumors are that Apple has delayed because of a Ground Breaking Feature that is being added to the iPhone, Now this Feature I believe to be FingerPrint Technology which will add more security to your phone. Not only will there be this New Finger print Tech but also it is Rumored to have NFC as well, We may find out what is instore for the Next iPhone On June 10-14 which is Apples WWDC or WorldWide Developer Conference .
Now this New Finger Print Scanning Tech is said to have come from AuthenTec. A Security Supplier, If these rumors are true then It looks to me that Apple is Gearing up for solutions to the Digital Identity issues. The thing is That a iPhone is not the only Device, there is also there largely sold Tablets and Ipods, will they also see these new Features?

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