Developing Your Passion For Photography


It seems that every person you meet in the trendiest of bars now is a photographer on the side, and I’m not referring to every person with a mobile phone and an instagram filter. While there is a hipness to becoming the next journalistic photographer like Robert Capa, or being as cool as David Bailey, you may wonder how you can just get your camera to make that sunset look that bit nicer. Here are a few simple pointers for the novice photographer to get you set up and snapping.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Looking for the best camera can be an absolute minefield, especially if you don’t know your DSLRs from your Go Pros. Don’t go crazy and spend a fortune on your first setup, there are plenty of pre-owned cameras that you can purchase for a decent price.

The great thing about purchasing a camera in the digital age is there is no need to get expensive film rolls. SD cards, depending on its memory limit, can store hundreds of images, making journeys to the photo lab a thing of the past.

If you’re looking to take landscape and still images but have a shaky hand, you may want to consider getting a tripod before purchasing that drone.

What Do You Want To Capture?

This may seem like a very broad question, but there was clearly a reason that sparked your interest. You may have a yearning to capture the innermost thoughts of passers by, a beautiful waterfall or you may just want to get a good family photo for once. The only way to get a feel for where your passion lies is to take your camera with you wherever you go

If you want to take it further afield while still learning the dos and don’ts, photography holidays can help you hone your skills.

How can you improve the photo quality?

Choosing the right software for your needs. There are always Photoshop plugins that will sharpen the image or provide infinite ways to improve the quality.

How can I develop my passion further?

If you wanted to push it that bit further and become an observer of nature (of sorts), there are other avenues to explore. If it took your fancy, nightclub photographer positions are advertised on local job boards. But beware, these do involve unsociable hours and every third picture you would take may involve someone pointing their index finger to either the person next to them or inanimate objects, like these people.

While this may not be the most ideal scenario for most people, it is still a way to get paid for pursuing your passion. And who knows, it could be a spring towards working for yourself down the line in wedding or action photography!

Photography is an immensely rewarding pastime. You are able to capture moments never to be seen again, and the more you do it the better you will become. You will be a glorified happy snapper and say goodbye to the dreaded selfie in no time!

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