Devilishly Simple Ways To Upgrade Your Business Premises

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Most of the time, your commercial property sits there providing ample space for your business operations. Moreover, you don’t really think about it. You just let it get on with the job of housing your enterprise – and that’s it.

In reality, though, your commercial premises are still a valuable asset. What’s more, when they depreciate, it makes a massive difference to your balance sheet – and bottom line.

For that reason, it makes a lot of sense to look after it and push back against the rot. Here are some of the devilishly simple ways you can improve and upgrade your business premises, thereby preserving its value.

Improve The Entryway

It doesn’t really matter what the backrooms of your premises look like. But if the entryway is shabby, everyone will notice, and it’ll reflect poorly on your brand and the rest of your enterprise. Remember, an outdated hall can cause people to spend less, reducing revenues and harming the customer experience.

Try creating an aesthetically appealing entrance with the following features:

  • A high reception desk made of attractive wood
  • Carpets on the floor, or tiles that match your brand image
  • Plenty of natural lighting streaming in through the windows
  • Clear signage that tells people where they need to go next

Get Rid Of Hazards

Many companies, according to RiverCity Asbestos Removals, work in environments plagued by hazards. These issues can be simple things – like old wiring – or something more endemic, such as asbestos building materials.

Hazards, however, are one of the best ways to reduce the value of your premises and slash its value. It is critical, therefore, that you remove them as soon as you can. In today’s health and safety culture, no enterprise wants to move to a site that could potentially put its stakeholders at risk. The legal and financial consequences are just too high. We no longer live in the happy-go-lucky world of the 1960s. Today, things are far more serious.

Make Your Spaces Usable

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Companies are supposed to operate as efficiently as possible, but they rarely do. More often than not, they fail to use all the space available to them and wind up spending extra money on rent that they can barely afford.

Ideally, you want to ensure that you utilize your spaces to their maximum potential. Ensure that you actually finish each area for its intended purpose so that colleagues and customers can use it properly. This way, you can take the strain off other parts of your business while saving yourself money on rent in the long run.

Please note, if you find yourself with extra space you can’t use, it could be a sign that you need to move to smaller premises.

Stop Using So Much Energy

Companies often waste a fabulous amount of money, providing energy to their premises. Air conditioning, lighting and heating all soak up a lot of costs – as does keeping computers running.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. Clever use of energy-saving insulation and glass paneling can make all the difference.


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