How To Divorce Without Losing Everything You Care About


Statistics say that 1 in 2 marriage end in divorce. The problem is that when you divorce, you not only lose the person that you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with. But you can often lose all the other things in your life that are important to you as well. Such as custody of the kids, your pets, your home and any other assets as. So how can you make sure that you get through your divorce without losing everything, including the shirt off your back?


Hire a good lawyer

Number one on your list of things to do is to find a good lawyer. You need to make sure that you pick someone that both listens to your perspective, but also has a good grasp of the situation in an objective light. This means that they will be in the best position to advise you on what to fight for and what to concede on.

If you are looking for spousal or child support, it is vital that your lawyer has a good understanding of the sum that you need.  As well as how much your ex-partner earns. Help them in any way you can, and make sure to fill in and return any documents promptly to avoid any delays.

If you are cornered are about who the kids will stay with, then you will need to hire a child custody law specialist. Remember you will want the best person representing your interests for such an important matter.


Keep things as civil as possible

Another way of getting through your divorce without losing everything is to make sure you stay as civil as possible. This isn’t so easy in a divorce situation, as emotions are often running high especially in cases that include infidelity.

But it can play to your advantage in the long run. Keeping things civil means that your partner is more likely to compromise on some issues. It can also help to prevent them making unreasonable demands, just out of spite.

Brush up on your negotiation skills

Being adept at negotiation can really help you secure a winning deal when you go through a divorce. A good way of approaching this is to write a list of all the things that need to be sorted in the divorce proceeding. Then highlight the top five things you won’t compromise on. That means that you are willing to compromise on the rest, so you have some resources to negotiate with once the discussion comes around.


Keep your promises

Another answer that will help you not lose the shirt off your back when you are getting a divorce is to be a person of your word and keep your promises.

If you say that you are going to pay a certain amount by a certain date, pay it. If you said that you will take the kids home by 7, do it. Don’t give the courts any excuse to say that you are not holding up your end of the bargain. Or you could find yourself in a worse position that when the original divorce was agreed.

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