How to be a Dom: Approach, Orders, and Rules

Everybody has kinky and naughty thoughts when it comes to sex and that’s perfectly normal. Unfortunately, people get too ashamed and miss out on a wonderful chance to explore the vast world of kinkiness. So, if you’re a guy who dreams about being dominant in bed, you should definitely check out these useful tips, orders and essential rules of being a dom. After you master all the necessary skills, feel free to browse date finder and other dating platforms in order to find your perfect submissive gal!

Best Approach: Always Be A Gentleman

Being true gentleman is probably the most important thing when it comes to masculine domination in bed. However, many dominant guys forget this fact and that sometimes lead to unwanted and rather unpleasant scenarios. If you want to become a good and respected dom, you need to know that it’s all about her pleasure. The girl always comes first (pun intended). Yes, you have full control and you make all the choices, but you must not forget that every single thing you do is supposed to make her feel great. Then, after she’s lost her mind and had multiple orgasms, only then you tend to your own needs.

How To Give Orders Properly?

Giving orders to your sub will give you a huge feeling of power. After all, this is exactly the point of being a dom. However, with great power comes great responsibility and you must not let yourself forget that. All of your orders should be planned and organized so you could easily manipulate your sub the way you both agreed to before the actual sex.

Every order should be: intended, perfectly clear, and in tune with a chosen theme. When you give orders you need to speak clearly and with authority. Think before you give an order, you don’t want to do something just because you saw it somewhere or you think it would be hot. Think about your sub and make a good decision.

What About The Rules?

This part is tricky, but every aspiring dom needs to learn the rules before he becomes the one who sets them. Before choosing which rules you’re going to set you also need to have a plan. Your rules must be completely clear and you must not leave anything to interpretation. The rules you set are like the law, there must not be any loopholes. Persistent rules are tricky, though, because your sub might not be able to obey them every time for many different reasons. Therefore, here are the only 3 rules that should be completely mandatory and persistent:

  • Your sub should never be allowed to approach or enter the bed without your permission.

  • Your sub is not allowed to remove her bondage or collar without your permission.

  • If your sub is on her knees (or all fours), she is not allowed to stand up until you say so.

Follow these rules and soon you’ll master the art of masculine domination. Good luck out there.

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