The Dos And Don’ts Of Being A New Driver In 2018


Whether you passed your test towards the end of 2017 or you’re currently learning to drive, knowing how to use the road in the best manner is essential. Your decisions will influence safety, financial status, car performance, and driver enjoyment. Frankly, leaving it to chance simply isn’t an option.

As an inexperienced driver, the road ahead can seem rather daunting. Follow these simple dos and don’t, however, and you’ll be sure to hit top gear in no time. In turn, all of your driving dreams will become a reality.

Do: Research Potential Car Purchases

Most people have a dream car. Even if you can’t afford that vehicle, you’ve probably had your eyes on a particular model as a potential first purchase. However, the reality of purchasing your far car is far different to those initial visions.

There are many factors to consider from performance to practicality and running costs. These car models are all fantastic options, and a little research now could prevent you from making a regrettable decision. Before committing to any purchase, though, you’ll want to take a test drive. You’ll soon know whether the vehicle feels right or not.

Don’t: Buy Brand New

Whichever car you purchase, there are several decisions to make. The choice between new or used is one that will sit at the top of your agenda. While there’s no beating the excitement of driving away in a brand new motor, opting for used models is often the most suitable solution.


After all, your first car will feel special regardless of how many miles are on the clock. Besides, you are unlikely to keep this vehicle forever, and depreciation makes the new vehicle an unworthy investment. Alternatively, if you are desperate to drive a new motor, car leasing may be the better option.

Do: Search For The Best Insurance Deal

The car will be your biggest expense by some distance. Unfortunately, this cannot be an excuse to overlook the other expenses. Car insurance is one of the big ones, and comparison sites like The Zebra will enable you to find a better deal. Wasting money here is the worst thing you could do.

Apart from anything else, any money saved in this area enables you to make future improvements and upgrades to the vehicle. As a new driver, you’ll have to accept the fact that this will be an expensive overhead. Still, the significance of sourcing the best deal should not be underestimated.

Don’t: Cut Corners On Coverage

When running a price comparison, you may look straight for the cheapest option. This is particularly true when you consider the fact that you may never need to use the make a claim. However, this safety net can make a huge impact if a bad situation surfaces. As such, cheap shouldn’t be confused with value.

Therefore, understanding the different types of insurance and which package is right for your situation is vital. Statistics show that you’re more likely to crash during the first few years of driving. Having that protection in place will put your mind at ease while helping your finances too.


Do: Conduct Regular Maintenance

Whether new or used, all cars will encounter a little wear and tear. You can at least slow this down by conducting simple jobs. From replacing the transmission fluid to strong tire pressure, those tasks keep the car in great condition for far longer.

Finding guides on how to complete those jobs is very easy in the digital age. Meanwhile, you could look at giving a used car a distinctly new smell by clearing out the air vents. By tricking your nose, it’ll feel as though you are driving a brand new vehicle. In truth, this will make the vehicle even better than when you bought it.

Don’t: Try To Do It All

While easy maintenance will keep the car in great health, you cannot afford to take risks with your motor. Vehicles are intricate machines, and they need all elements to work in the right way. Making mistakes when trying to fix a fault could harm the performance and safety. Sometimes in life, you must accept that calling the experts is a necessity.

All car parts are important, but some require an immediate response. Experts at Telle Tire & Auto Center are there to ensure wheels are aligned and balanced. On a separate note, problems with the engine, brakes, and suspension should be fixed ASAP. Moreover, they need to be done by a pro.

Do: Invest In Tech Devices

When buying a sued car, there’s a strong chance that it’ll lack certain gadgets and devices. Most of those can be bought and installed separately. Given that they can aid your driving habits in a whole host of ways, it’s essential that you grab those opportunities with both hands.


Sat Navs, Bluetooth speakers, and better entertainment facilities can all make the car feel up to date with newer releases. Meanwhile, parents may wish to consider in-car DVD players to keep the kids quiet on long journeys. There are plenty of other gadgets on the market, and your job is to work out which ones will work best. When you do, there’s no doubt that your happiness on the road will soar.

Don’t: Let It Impact Your Driving

Technology is great and capable of improving your driving experiences and safety. However, you must not let them distract you. This is particularly true in those early years while you’re still gaining experience but should follow you for life.

It’s also worth noting the impact that passengers can have, which is why you must ensure that they respect your rules and decisions. Most crucially, you must consider the dangers of driving while tired. Anti-sleep devices can be purchased to help you remain alert. Ultimately, though, it’s down to you to take greater responsibility.

Do: Take Road Trips

As a new driver, every journey will feel exciting for the first few weeks. Sadly, that enthusiasm will soon be drained as you complete the same commute to work and weekly grocery trips. Mixing it up with a road trip is a great way to inject fresh excitement. Moreover, you can use as a way to create magical memories with friends and family.

Above all else, leaving your comfort zone to drive across new lands will make you a far more confident and accomplished driver in the long haul. Even if the thought is a little scary before departure, you’ll be surprised at what you are capable of achieving.


Don’t: Assume Things Will Run Smoothly

Road trips can be immense fun, but the harsh reality is that problems can occur. Breakdowns and faults are a common feature, not least if you’ve overlooked a slight issue during your journeys around town. As long as you’re prepared, it needn’t end your enjoyment or confidence on the road.

Having a breakdown coverage package that protects you across the country and not only in your city will help. Digital Trends suggests that packing a kit of essentials will offer emotional reassurance as well as direct rewards. Remove the element of surprise, and you’ll get back to your best far sooner.

Do: Keep Learning

Once you’ve acquired your license, you may assume that you’re perfectly trained to use the road without any concern. On the contrary, there’s still a lot to learn. While a lot of those attributes will come with experience, you can certainly fast-track your development. As a responsible driver, it’s vital that you do.

Taking an advanced defensive driving course will make you a better driver. Not only will this make you more confident during daily activities. But it’ll keep you well-prepared for when dangerous situations arrive. It’s not an exaggeration to say it could save your life. There is no greater incentive.


Don’t: Listen To Friends & Family

Whether you’re learning to drive or you’re a newly qualified driver, people will try to give you tips. The thought behind this advice is nice, but the harsh reality is that it can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, those more experienced drivers will have picked up some bad habits. When they pass them onto you, it will inevitably cause problems.

Paying for courses and instructors can feel frustrating. Still, it’s the only way to be sure that you are receiving the best education. Given that driving will play a crucial role in your life for decades, you owe it to yourself to ensure this happens. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

The Final Word

The early experiences behind the wheel are highly exciting, but you must learn to take responsibility behind the wheel. Otherwise, you could put yourself in some potentially very dangerous decisions.

Most of the tips above are very easy to incorporate. Furthermore, they will soon become second nature. Embrace those winning habits today, and the benefits will enhance your health and happiness for many years to come. If that doesn’t make you a better driver, nothing will.

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