Eating On The Road: Road Trip Dining Tips

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If there is any vacation that gives you the full experience of a country, it is the road trip. Whether you are driving down the roads and highways of North America or Europe, you can be sure to see a lot of sights on this trip. Besides seeing all the great places, there is also the chance to eat the various regional cuisines out there. If you want to taste the best, here are some tips on how to make it happen.

Explore The Back Roads

While it sounds like a bad idea out of a horror movie, you should check out the back roads. This means skipping the highways and going through alternate paths. Thanks to modern maps and GPS, there is a low chance of you getting lost. If you do, there is always a smartphone to get you out of trouble. The small towns on these back roads can potentially have hidden culinary delights. Look for handwritten signs and interesting food names. There is no better reason to step on the breaks when you see a store advertising local pie and desserts.

Use Repair Time For Some Food Crawling

There might come a time when your vehicle needs some maintenance. Whether it is a simple tune-up or a trip to an auto paint booth to make your car look fresh, this gives you ample time to do some exploring. At best, you have several hours of food exploration. If the repairs are bad, you may have to stay overnight. Ask your mechanic what places they would recommend. As for the local food, always ask for the special sense that it usually what the cook knows best to cook.

Look For Fresh Ingredients

If you want a truly local experience, a great indicator would be fresh ingredients. Seafood and game like deer don’t travel well. This means that when a place advertises it, you can expect that it sources them locally. The importance of fresh ingredients is not just taste. It also means that the locals likely have a tradition of using it. This can mean great local recipes with twists that you don’t find in other places. What one town might do with its seafood, the next town over might have a different approach.

Check Out The Local Fair

There is no better place to find the best food in a region than the local fair. If you see one, you should immediately try to drop by. Take note that this will likely result in you being stuffed full of local foods. Some fairs focus on a particular theme or food. For example, a lamb fair will likely have a lot of mutton being cooked. Be prepared to handle that sort of thing if you are hunting for a meal. Additionally, you might want to drop by fairs to join the judging of the best foods. Contests for who bakes the best pies or something similar always come up in these fairs and you can try out some of what they offer.

Keep An Eye Out For Cheap Meals

The biggest sign that a meal is only for tourists is that it is expensive. While tourist food is nice, it is usually adjusted for the taste of outsiders. If you want the authentic thing, you will want to look for the cheap meals out there. Besides making it easier for your wallet, it will give you an accurate presentation of the local food. Be open-minded though. These places usually don’t have all the comforts of a tourist trap. Prepare for rickety chairs and slow electric fans. Despite the discomfort, the taste can make up for it.

Seek Out The Crowds

If there is any indicator that a place is good to eat at, it is the clientele. If the place is full of locals, then you should look for an empty table and sit down. Check out whether everyone looks like they live in town so that you can be sure that this is where the locals eat. Besides that, the crowd is a good indication of the quality of the food. If the locals like it, then there is a good chance that the food is great.

Your road trip can be a great time for you and your companions. There are many things you can see on the road. But what you will be sure to remember are all the food that you ate. Whether it is a simple sandwich with local fillings or a delicacy found only in certain regions, their taste will be something to remember.

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