Eco Friendly Fashion Tips To Help You Make Changes

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When it comes to making changes to get a little more eco-friendly, most people think about things like eating less meat, walking more often, and even cruelty-free makeup. But you can actually do a whole lot with what you wear too.

Shopping at fast fashion outlets can be a tough habit to break, because well, it’s fast affordable and if you love what is trending, then there is a lot to like. But, there is also a lot to try and avoid.

While no one expects you to change everything straight away, you can make small and lasting changes when it comes to your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at how you can pull back from the fast-fashion trends and be a little more earth loving.

  1. Research fabrics. There are so many more great fabrics than wool, cotton, and silks. Lyocell fabric is a fantastic eco-friendly fabric, not to mention things like hemp, bamboo and soya fabric. There are some fabulous designers that are working with these innovative materials and producing some stunning pieces.
  1. Take a break from buying. This is probably going to suck a little bit if you love to pick up the latest cuts and colors. But, you might find that you can create many more outfits than you had initially thought. When you take a break from picking up smaller cheaper items more often, you will find you have a bigger budget to invest in more eco-friendly designers and clothing.
  1. Take a look at something like the slow fashion movement. Although it was initially intended to eschew everything mass produced, it’s grown over the years and now is as much about buying non-mainstream quality items, that will last longer, support small businesses, and that you can fix easily. The general ethos is to buy less clothing, and less often.
  1. Lower those temperatures. We have such a problem washing all of our clothing on high temperatures to ‘kill those germs.’ However, most modern washing machines are designed to handle washing clothing at a low, so cleanliness isn’t an issue, even at 15 degrees.
  1. Fix up. Rather than throw out things like a little hole in, learn to mend your clothing. With things like shoes, you can take them to your local shoemaker, and they can fit a heel that looks good as new. Socks, underpants, t-shirts can all be mended with a little bit of stitching. Jeans and higher quality items can be taken to a tailor to get fixed.
  1. Stop binning things. Most of what is binned can probably go on to a new home instead. You can choose to sell the items or donate them. But either way, if the jacket is perfect but doesn’t fit, don’t just throw it in the trash. Many stores offer a scheme to help your old clothing find new homes, so see what is available in your area.
  1. With fashion and clothing, make your changes with your dollars. Support brands that are giving back on a local or global level so that you know what you are buying does some good in the world. Buy less, and when you do make purchases make them higher quality. And, always research what you are wearing.

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