Elder Care Eye Openers: Avoiding A Disastrous Situation

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Unfortunately, the system that the US has in place for caring for the elderly is broken. Too many good people that have worked hard and served their country all their lives are falling through the cracks, not getting the standard of care that they need or deserve. Of course, as a country, we need to do something about this and improve healthcare for all elderly people, but this can be a particularly terrifying situation when it affects you and the ones that you love personally. So to help you ensure the best care possible for your family, and avoid a harrowing disaster situation read on for some information on what to look out for.


Elder care is designed to actually look after older people when they are struggling to do this themselves. That means when choosing a residence for your loved one you need to think carefully about the level of care that they need, and whether the place you are looking at can provide this.

Of course, you will speak to the professionals that work there, but it’s also a good idea to speak to the residents and their relatives as well, as this can give you a more realistic view of the state of things. Depending on where you live there will also be official inspection and reports to examine as well, and these can help reassure you that you are making the right choice.

It’s also vital that you make regular visits not just to spend time with your relative, but also to check that the level of care they are receiving is appropriate to their needs once they have lived there for a while. This is because care homes are difficult places to run, and can often suffer from staff and even funding shortages, things that can leave them vulnerable to not being able to provide the level of care and attention that each individual needs for their continued well-being and health.


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Food can be a very contentious issue in elder care, especially in facilities that supply most or all of the meals to their residents. It can be difficult for folks that were previously independent to stop cooking and making choices about what they want to eat and when. Add to this mediocre quality food or dishes that are boring and uninspiring, and it can have a real effect on the quality of life of the residents.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen in the place that you relative is staying you need to look for some particular things. The first is a two-week menu that provides nutrition as well as variety. The second is that they offer options, as it’s always good for them to be able to choose from a selection of dishes rather than just being forced to eat whatever is placed in front of them. Lastly, it is vital that the facility you choose for them listens to what the residents like and is amenable to their suggestions. This will help the residents a sense of autonomy. Something that can be vital to how well they adjust to the move and their mental wellbeing.


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Abuse isn’t a word that should be thrown around lightly, and it’s also something that many people don’t want to think or talk about. However, we owe it to our relatives to be aware that it happens and so to stay open to the signs of it occurring.

In particular, look for residents that have not been washed regularly, that have bruising or other injuries, or are particularly upset when a specific member of staff is around. Of course, dealing with this sort of situation is never easy, and your first responsibility is to the safety of your family member and removing them from that situation. Once that has been achieved you can speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer about your case. Something that can help prevent the same things happening to another poor soul.


Lastly, the cost of elder care is something that everyone needs to be aware of. High-quality care is available out there, with Utah coming off as the best in the country this. However, as CNBC reports such care often depend on the family’s ability to pay for the services. Something that not everyone is in a position to do.

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That is why it is so vital to discuss care options early on with your older relatives. Then you can form a plan of how such things will be conducted and paid for, through things like savings, selling a property, or family contributions and the like.

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