Is Your Employer Treating Your Fairly?

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For many people, their time at work is difficult and often pretty unexciting. That shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise, after all, the clue is in the name! However, there’s a big difference between working a job that isn’t particularly engaging or that you don’t really like, and being treated so poorly that every day at work is utterly miserable. Sadly there are plenty of people for whom the latter is a day-to-day reality. Far too many employees are treated in ways that are not only unfair but potentially illegal without realising that there are things that they can do about it. With that in mind, here are some ways in which employers can treat their staff unfairly and how you can fight against it.

Fair pay

The very least you should expect from a job is the right to a fair wage every month. However, there are plenty of employers who will try and get around this. Not only do they often not pay their employees more than the very minimum wage, but there’s also a pay gap between different members of society. Things like your gender or ethnicity can actually impact how much you are paid. Make sure that you and your colleagues are honest about how much you’re paid. That way you can be sure that your employer can’t get away with not paying every single employee a fair and equal wage.


It’s a sad fact that workplace discrimination is still very much a problem. As much as many people would like to say that racism, homophobia, sexual harassment and gender discrimination are all things of the past, many of the recent news stories coming from Hollywood prove otherwise. If you feel as though your employer is either allowing or participating in any kind of discrimination, then you’re well within your rights to take legal action against them.

Working hours

Sure, we’d all like shorter working hours, but most people are willing to work the standard nine-to-five workday. However, if you’re being asked to work longer hours than is reasonable without extra pay, or you’re being asked to give up your weekends and days off, that’s a serious problem. Not only that but your employer should be willing to offer at least some degree of flexibility when it comes to your working hours. If you’re overworked, then that can lead to serious problems with your health, as well as your sense of motivation. It can lead you to feel incredibly frustrated and resentful with your work, which can make it tough to even get out of bed in the morning.

It can be scary to stand up to an abusive or unpleasant employer since all of their power comes from their ability to make you feel smaller than them. However, it’s important to remember that you, in all likelihood, have the law on your side and if you stand up to your employer, there’s a good chance that other employees are suffering the same treatment are going to be willing to stand with you.

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