Your Essential Guide to Modern Design Concepts

Although often confused with contemporary design concepts, the modern concept is still going strong with an emphasis on minimal furniture and clean, simple lines. More and more people are leaning towards this refreshing style of design and it is perfectly suited for small to large-sized interiors. To achieve this winning style in your own home, here’s some important tips for your to remember.

Clean and Simple Architecture: This strategy applies to even crown molding styles. Although commonly seen in more traditional or transitional type homes, there’s really no reason why crown mouldings cannot be incorporated into a modern home. Alex Mouldings offered modern crown molding designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

To achieve a streamlined-look, flat or slated crown mouldings are a popular choice. This way, not only does it still provide a seamless transition from wall to ceiling, it takes up a minimal amount of space.

Another distinctive feature for modern homes is the placement of corner glass windows instead of a wall. From the exterior, the house shape is usually box-like with a flat roof.

Emphasise with White Walls: It might be the most used colour ever in the history of wall paint, but it definitely suits a modern design scheme to the tee. Not only is it the perfect backdrop to showcasing and displaying everything else in our homes, it also appears clean and fresh with even the barest hint of light. This great colour foundation provides the right amount of enhancement for any interior without overshadowing any other elements in your home.

Basic Interiors: Again, clean and simple lines are the priority from start to finish. For this to shine, you’ll want to have an interior that’s more empty than full. That means discarding many of the decorative elements which you would choose to display and instead deciding on a few key pieces instead. You should also avoid riots of colour and stick to neutral or basic tones instead for a fresh and crisp feel.

Raised and Open Furniture: Unlike traditional style furniture which emphasise patterns and excessive material, modern furniture definitely lacks sofa skirts. Furniture legs are usually smooth and simple (and visible), providing any space with a comfortable and open atmosphere. Again, simple prints and solid one-tones are highly favoured so as not to have any one piece grab all the attention in the room.

Less is More: Whichever room or space you intend to design in a modern style, one basic rule to remember is ‘less is more’. Although Japanese design does not enter the modern category, they share many similar characteristics. There should be no excess of items, decorations and colours other than what is absolutely necessary in order to achieve your desired feel. For example, if you compare a flat screen TV mounted on a wall to a flat screen TV placed on a table, you’ll notice that minimalism is more easily achieved with the mounted TV.

Use Natural Materials: Oftentimes, our design ideas can turn out feeling overly clinical (e.g. whitewashed walls, minimalistic furniture, basic lighting, etc.). To avoid that, you’ll want to achieve a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere with natural materials. The use of wood, stone, linen and leather are subtle game changers that provide a difference of texture and a more welcoming presence. Since these materials exist perfectly in our natural environment, they play the same role in our homes as they do not detract from the original feel you intend to convey.

Go with Bare Floors: Coming back to the ‘less is more’ standard, this also applies to our floors. Bare, polished floors are the equivalent to a blank canvas and are definitely the best horizontal element ever for highlighting anything on it. If you do want to have a carpet or rug though, you should definitely stick with a basic neutral tone and natural materials like jute and wool.

Since modern design was born from the Industrial era, it makes sense to have elements from this period in our homes. Plastic is a very popular material as it can be molded into various forms and shapes to suit our tastes. You don’t have to go entirely with industrial materials if you prefer a more natural feel, but there’s no reason not to hint at it in certain areas and features in your interior.

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