Essential Security Practices To Keep Your Business Safe


In such a modern and digital age, your business needs to be modern and digital to keep up with the times. Some of your business will already be using digital and online features; even just using work email addresses is one of those things. But if you don’t have any strategies in place, then it really can be troublesome for your business. There are many attacks on businesses in the online world, so you don’t want to leave your business open to any of these attacks. Having several strategies in place is really key too; just doing one of them alone won’t be enough. Hackers and viruses are very clever and will know their way around a few things online. So the best bet is to have more than one in place in the first place.

You might have a system in place that requires your staff to change their passwords regularly. But is that the only thing in place at the moment? Do your staff understand even why they have to do it and how important it is to do so? If it is, then read on. You’ll discover plenty of other strategies to help to protect your business online.

Use a Security Provider

All businesses will vary in the things that they need online. You might have an online store that is going to store customer’s information, for example. You might use a lot of operations through the cloud, or just do some normal day to day activities online. However your business works, you need to make sure that there is a security platform to use. A site like discusses some of the pros and cons of a few types of platform to see what is best for your business. They will vary, so you need to choose one that will be best for you and your business needs.

Authentication and Encryption

If you are dealing with information from clients or customers, then it is vital to keep that information protected. If you take credit card details, for instance, then using a system that allows for authentication during that process is a good idea. It is much harder for people to commit credit card fraud when a system has authentication.

Message encryption is also really important when it comes to customer information. You don’t want that kind of sensitive data being taken by hackers. So look for some online security solutions that will be able to help your business.

Educate Employees

It can all be very well having some systems and policies in place for internet safety and security. But if your employees don’t understand the reasons why things are done a certain way, or why they have to change their password once a month, then it can almost be a little counterproductive. Talking to your employees about keeping the business safe online is really key. You shouldn’t just leave the internet safety to just be the concern of an IT department (as let’s face it, a lot of startups will not have this available anyway). One

One of those things that your employees should be educated on is the use of the computer in the first place, for instance. Having it set that they can’t download new things without higher permission is something that is pretty simple, but can help to stop viruses or other dangerous programs being downloaded onto the system. Along these lines, having policies set up for internet use by employees is a good idea too. When you limit the kind of websites that they are allowed to visit on a work’s laptop or computer, it limits the number of places that bad programs could be accidentally downloaded from. Having employees keep a clean computer system, with the business performing regular checks, is a good way to keep things in check.


Email Monitoring

At home or at work, emails need to be monitored carefully. You should look out for external emails and open attachments with caution. You and your employees shouldn’t just open an email based on the email address alone. Have some training on this with your team so that they know what they should do if they see anything that doesn’t look right, or they get a phishing or spam emails. It might sound obvious to many of them, but some of your employees will not be into technology or know certain things to look out for. If they see an email from someone that they think they know, they could open it right away and click on links, for example. So investing in training for this kind of thing is going to be valuable use of your business time.

Social Media Policy

Social media is a great marketing tool to use in business. Using can be a way to promote offers and new products, as well as use it as a great way to interact with your customers, and potentially get some new customers. However, it can present several problems, especially if people at work don’t know the best practices to follow when it comes to social media. Again, educating them on some policies is a great way to help them know the best practices for social media for professional use, as well as personal use. If people are looking to commit online fraud, they use social media as a tool. They use the platforms to tease out certain information, mainly around security questions, which they can then use to access certain information about customers or the business.

The bottom line of keeping your business safe online is to keep up to date with it. Don’t think that you can just one policy, and then it will all be fine. You should check for latest developments and get new software, systems or policies in place if needed. Communicate regularly to your employees about online safety and keep them abreast of some of the latest goings on, as everyone can benefit from regularly safety reminders when it comes to online business.

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