Essential Tips For International Networking

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We all know that networking is one of the many essential elements to any successful business, allowing any company to collaborate with other key players and expand the scope of their operations. However, networking within your own country will only get you so far. As you develop your operation, you may find there are better opportunities and potential overseas. If you’re looking to push your business over international borders, here are a few tips for going about it the right way…

Do Your Homework

If you’ve targeted a specific country or region which you’d like to make a part of your future business plans, it’s essential that you do a lot of research ahead of this. Look into the country’s specific regulations regarding overseas investors, environmental conduct, and even little cultural nuances you may not be used to. If you show up late to a scheduled meeting with a vendor from China, or you open a dialogue with a British business owner and you’re a bit shaky on the details of the UK leaving the EU, you’re going to come off as unprofessional, and may even cause a deal with massive potential to slip through your fingers. Before you do any actual networking, you need to be an expert in the country you’re going to reach out to.

Be Smart About Translation

English is the language of business, and many CEOs and managers you’ll talk to all over the world will have a fairly decent command of it. However, when it comes to countries where it’s less of a given, like many nations in eastern Europe and Asia, you’ll need to be 110% sure that nothing’s going to get lost in translation. Running your emails and chats through Google translate isn’t going to be efficient, and although the app is getting better all the time, it’s certainly going to screw up what you’re trying to say every now and then. Instead, you need to establish a method for translation that’s going to be quick, efficient, and most of all accurate. If you’re dead set on opening up a relationship with business owners in a certain country, it’s worth investing in a translation service. As you can imagine, losing a prospective deal due to one little slip-up isn’t the best feeling in the world!

Join an Online Community

In today’s digital age, the world is smaller than ever, and it’s now a total breeze to find an online community that’s suited to your plans for international networking, as well as your industry and business model. Unless you’re planning something that’s truly revolutionary, using these community platforms will help you to link up with everyone from foreign wholesalers to distributors to marketers. Yes, there’s going to be the odd scam that slips through the net, but you just need to exercise due diligence and do your research into new contacts in order to stay safe. Whether it’s through social networking or a standalone forum, there’s sure to be a community out there that’s perfect for your needs.

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