Facts People Don’t Know About Divorce In The UK


Fewer people than ever before decide to get married to their partner in the UK at the moment. With that in mind, young couples tend to look for alternatives to show how much their care for each other. There are some interesting and sometimes surprising facts concerning divorce in the UK, and this article will highlight some of the most fascinating. With a bit of luck, these points will help to shed more light on the situation and set the record straight. They also might help some readers to win their next pub quiz!

Are more couples getting divorced?

Statistics show that more couples are getting divorced than married in the UK at the moment. The latest figures available came from 2012 when it was said that the divorce rate was 10.8 per thousand in the married population. The number peaked in the 1990s at around 14 per thousand of the married population. However, it’s still pretty high compared to some other countries around the world.

Who is most likely to get divorced

Out of all the categories of people in the UK, women in their late twenties are more likely to get divorced than anyone else. The divorce rate for ladies in that group currently stand at 23.6 per thousand in the married population. That is much higher than the average, and it’s probably got something to do with people making bad decisions and rushing into things when they were too young.

What is the average age of people getting divorced?

The average age for people to get a divorce stands somewhere between forty-two and forty-four. Experts believe that is because most couples will have had children who’ve grown up by that point. People tend to stay together for the kids until they reach the age of eighteen. After that, couples can drift apart because their parenting roles often begin to draw to an end. So, those people want to start focusing on living an enjoyable life again.


How long to average marriages last?

While 50% of new couples will contact divorce solicitors at some point, the average marriage has increased in length during the last few years. In 1985, that figure stood at around eight years. However, today, married people can expect to stay together for close to twelve years across the board.

Do divorced people get remarried?

In 2004, the number of divorced people getting married again peaked at 61,000 in the UK. However, figures from 2012 show that around 41,000 divorced people remarried that year. So, yes, individuals in that position tend to find happiness again in this country. Still, the same isn’t always true in other nations around the world.

Hopefully, those divorce facts will help to set the record straight and shine a light on the divorce situation in the UK. Also, readers should take some comfort in knowing that many people manage to build a happy life with their partners. Sure, the chances are that marriages aren’t going to last forever, but few things do. The goal is just to enjoy the time spent with someone special as it happens. Nobody can predict what’s going to change in the future.

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