Finding Love in 2020: Top Tips For Safe Online Dating

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These days, dating in the real world can be difficult. We all live busy lives, and often, our time is consumed by work and family commitments. It is little wonder that many of us turn to online dating in a quest to find love, and on the cusp of a new decade, this is only going to become more popular.

Online dating can help you to find the love of your life, but it is essential to keep yourself safe when dipping your toes into this world and connecting with people via dating sites and apps, or even chatlines like Thechatlinenumbers gay. The biggest single tip we can give you is to follow your instincts – we have gut instincts for a reason, and it is vital that you always listen to them. Here are some other things to think about to keep you safe when looking for love online:

Always meet in a public place

If you take the next step with a potential suitor, always arrange to meet in a public place, somewhere that is busy and well lit, and preferably in the day time. Try not to be in a position where you are alone at any time because if they are not who they say they are, you can get away safely.

Always tell someone where you are

Before meeting up with someone, tell a family member or a friend of your intentions and where you are going. Tell them your date’s name, and if you can describe what they look like, that can be helpful. Arrange to check in with them at particular points throughout the date or have a safe word or phrase – if you phone or text them saying that word, they know that you are in trouble and can arrange to help get you out of that situation.

Remember that you may be catfished.

Catfishing, sadly, is one of the common downsides of online dating. Anyone can set up a profile and upload a photo they have found on the internet, and when you meet them in person, they look and act very differently. It is always a good idea to arrange a video call or FaceTime before you meet them in person, if possible. You can get a much better idea of whether they are whom they say they are that way.

Never send money

Never ever send money to someone you meet online, no matter what their story is. There are many scammers who are out there to procure money from vulnerable people on the internet with a sob story or two. They may declare that they love you, but need money to move to wherever you are. If someone asks you for money, delete and block them.

By listening to your gut instincts and following the tips above, you can have a safe and happy online dating experience, and hopefully, meet the love of your life in 2020.

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