For First Timers: 6 Things to Expect in a Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride can be one of the most exciting and jaw-dropping adventures that you will ever experience. For sure, what you see in the movies and televisions make you want to do it also in real life. Not only for the thrill and excitement but flying in a helicopter will allow you to take in a new perspective of the beautiful places the world has to offer.

With the world under your feet, a helicopter ride treats you to a whole new experience in which you can witness everything below with a 360-degree view. Flying high above the ground – typically at about 1000 feet – you are at an optimal height to fully appreciate the scale and beauty of natural marvels of the world and its architectural landmarks.

Thanks to the growth of chartered helicopter tours and services, you can now take advantage of this unique experience. But before taking a ride in a helicopter, here are some things to expect from your adventure.

The Crew Got Your Back. It Will Be Safe

Perhaps, the question that is nagging at your mind is that “Is flying in a chopper safe?”

Worry not, helicopter pilots fly almost every day, and they undergo training programs to maintain the highest standard of safety and professionalism. Even if you are the most scared passenger in the group, you will start to feel relaxed because safety is the top priority of helicopter services.

Plus, the stunning views that you will witness from above is sure to make you still and relaxed. By then, you will laugh at yourself about how quickly your fears evaporate as your helicopter start to rise above the Grand Canyon.

Is There Any Flight Turbulence?

Well, there is turbulence, but not that will scare you out entirely. If it is your first time, you will expect a rough ride. But, you will only feel a slight bumpiness as you take off and land, but the sensation is just the same as riding an elevator.

Also, there is a seatbelt to keep you safe. There is a glass over the windows and a closed door, so you will not worry much of falling out of the helicopter. Besides, helicopters have sleek bodies and flexible blades to ride out a light and medium turbulence. If the weather is severe, there will be no flight.

Choosing the Right Seat is Important

Picking the right seat is not only advisable to secure a great point of view, but it is also crucial if you suffer from motion sickness. Riding a helicopter can be a bit jerkier than flying in an airplane, so if you are vulnerable to nausea, it is prudent to sit close to the center of the cabin.

Bring a Camera. Maybe Only a Camera

Weight is an essential factor in helicopter flights. That’s why the crew will not permit you to bring much else besides a camera onto the helicopter. Your bags and other stuff will also stay in lockers or under the supervision of staff on the ground.

So, bring nothing else aside from your camera to take precious moments of your adventure. Don’t forget that one!

You are Only Allowed to Take Pictures Through a Glass Window

As you surely want to capture your adventure on camera, you must know that you will only be doing so through the helicopter’s glass window, which can have reflections. Thus, it is advisable that you wear a dark shirt with a solid color to avoid ghostly reflections in your photos.

Helicopter Ride Can Be Rather Noisy

Perhaps, you already know about this: helicopters are relatively noisier than any aircraft, but not annoying to the extent. When you go on a helicopter ride, you will be wearing headsets that will aid to minimize the noise of the helicopter as well as to communicate with your fellow passengers and the pilot.

In flight, you will always hear your pilot obtaining clearances to give you their full attention. You can ask your pilot any questions during the trip, so don’t hesitate to ask even the silliest questions.


There is always the feeling of uncertainty when we do a particular thing for the first time. Take the case of planning to ride a helicopter, we are so eager to go for it because it seems fun and exciting, yet some worries hold us back.

Thus, it is essential that we know of the things to expect when riding a helicopter for the first time. Helicopter charter rides always prioritize safety, so you must not worry yourself too much.

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