Five Car Features To Look Out for If You Want Lower Insurance

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Nobody is planning on an accident on the road. Still, in the United States, alone, there are thousands of accidents every month. If you would like to stay safe and benefit from a lower car insurance, you might want to choose your next vehicle based on the safety features offered. Many companies will take into consideration the technology the car comes with, and give you a discount on your monthly insurance. Find out more about the best driver assistance technology out there.

  1. Dashboard Camera

While this will not directly help you drive better, you can see what other drivers are up to from a different angle. A dashboard camera will also help you prove that you were not at fault when another driver makes a mistake. Visit to find out how to detect and record reckless bikers who might endanger you behind the wheel. If you have proof of their actions, you will have a better chance of winning a compensation.

2. Lane Keep Assist

You will benefit from this feature on long highway routes, when it is easy to lose concentration. When an accident happens, you will need to prove that you were driving, according to the law, and you were not changing lanes when the crash happened. You can get a better insurance deal if you have this drivers’ assistance feature in your car.

3. Cruise Control

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Cruise control will help you maintain your speed on long journeys, so you cannot accidentally speed and receive tickets in the post. If you would like to make sure you are not going faster than you are allowed, a cruise control can help you. An additional benefit of cruise control is that it can reduce your fuel consumption on the highway.

4. Built In Safe Driving Apps

When you are a new driver, you might want to prove yourself to the insurance company. Some firms allow you to download an app that will monitor your behavior behind the wheel, and offer discounts for the safest drivers. This way, you can build up the trust faster, even if you don’t have a lot of driving experience. Some cars come with an on board performance monitor, too.

5. Parking Camera

Several accidents happen when you are reversing into a bay or trying to park in a small spot. If you can see what’s behind the car and don’t have to worry about blind spots, you are more likely to avoid accidents. Rear view parking cameras are a must-have car safety feature that can help you avoid accidents and improve your insurance deals long term.

Whether you are thinking about getting a new car, or would like to reduce your monthly car insurance, you will need to think about adding some essential safety features to your vehicle. When you are a new driver, they can aid you in avoiding accidents, documenting your own driving, and recording other road users’ behavior, so you cannot be blamed for accidents if you are not at fault.

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