Five Clear Signs Your Car Needs A Service

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Life gets busy and when it gets busy it’s so easy to forget that you’re supposed to keep up with your car. You’re so enveloped with keeping your job, your home and your family safe and secure that it’s easy to drop the ball. The appointment that you had for your MOT slips your mind and you scramble to rebook to keep your car roadworthy. Having a car that is healthy, working correctly and able to be safe on the road is absolutely vital nowadays where we rely heavily on our cars to keep us moving from place to place.

The last thing you need is your car to break down on you, causing you to spend out on very costly repairs. Prevention is far better than a cure, so missing that MOT is just not possible; you’ve got to keep on top of your car and make sure that you don’t leave it to the last second before investing a little cash in those PEAKHD products. It’s important to avoid that breakdown and the costly repairs that come with it. When you catch the issues early, you can save yourself some cash. So, what ARE the signs that your car is giving up the ghost?

Dashboard Lights. The most obvious sign that something is up with your car is the flashing lights on the dashboard. The lights are basically there to tell you when something is up with a specific part of your vehicle. Whether the brakes are damaged, the battery is about to die or you’re running out of fuel, your car will tell you.

Bad Brakes. Our cars are now upgraded with the best in brake technology, with cars fitted with either automatic braking, collision avoidance and anti-lock braking, too. The technology works alongside your own vigilance to tell you what’s up with your car and if your brakes aren’t responding, you’ll soon know about it!

Squeaks & Squeals. Cars make noise, that much is true, but you’ll soon hear the difference between the purr of the moving vehicle compared to the squeaking of the belt running loose or when the brakes are being pressed. If you hear any noise that isn’t the norm for your car, it’s time to get checked out.

Gear Grinding. It’s one of the areas in your car that will be worn down fairly quickly given how much you use it, which means you need to be particularly in tune with your gearbox. You can hear a grinding noise when the gears shift, making it obvious when something is going wrong in your gearbox.

Ignition Issue. You should have a clean start when turning the key to get your engine going, so you’re going to hear it if something is wrong there. Splutters and coughs should not be heard as you turn the key in the ignition, so listen out for it.

You can avoid these issues with regular checks and servicing and not forgetting your appointments! Your car costs money, don’t make it cost more than it has to.

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