Fix It, Don’t Risk It: Taking Care Of Your Vehicle


You know what it means to drive a safe and secure vehicle, but how many times have you put the little things off? Those ongoing grumbles and glitches, which don’t seem to be causing a problem right now so you just leave them to figure themselves out over time. The number one rule of car safety is to make sure you fix any problems as soon as they arise. You might be driving a car which is unfit for the road, which could land you in some serious hot water. Leaving things to linger will only lead to them getting worse over time, so make sure you are alert and aware of the small faults in your vehicle.

Under Pressure

The dents and scraps on your car could be putting unnecessary strain on your engine and car frame. If you have been involved in a road accident then don’t hop straight back into your vehicle as if nothing happened, visit your local AUTO REPAIR store and get the outside seen to. Similarly, you need to stay on top of the wear and tear of your tyres. Many accidents are caused by incorrect tyre pressure, so you need to make sure they are pumped up firmly at all times. You need your tyres to act as a firm grip when you’re on the roads, especially when taking sharp corners.

Strange Smells

If you’re driving along the road and suddenly start to smell something that is out of the ordinary; perhaps it is a burning or strong scent of fumes, you need to get this checked out as a matter of urgency. Try and diagnose the smell instantly and get it checked out by a professional. Smells such as these are usually a symptom of an engine or exhaust issue, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Are You Hearing Things?

It can be very unnerving when you hear a strange noise coming from your car; your heart suddenly drops and you immediately think the worst. Try not to panic and listen carefully to the type of sound you are hearing. If it sounds like a whistling noise, you might have a small chip in your windscreen or windows. Although this is quite a minor problem, this could escalate into something more serious if you don’t get it checked out soon. You may eventually need to get the glass replaced, but be aware that the cost will rise as the crack grows larger.

Another noise you might notice is a shrill shriek when you press on the brakes. This is a real indicator that your car is not safe to be on the roads, so make sure you see to this instantly. You might need to get your brake pads replaced, but check with a specialist to clarify the details. You are responsible for driving a car which is safe for the road, so don’t delay in seeking expert help if you’re worried about an ongoing problem. The sooner you fix the hiccup, the quicker you can get back on the road.


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