Flippin’ Hell: Buying And Selling Cars For A Profit

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Some people buy cars because they need a means of transport. Others buy them because they are petrol heads and love the rush. You are different. Why? It’s because you see the potential of making money. Even in a competitive industry, there is a lot of cash in cars that people don’t want any longer. Of course, before you can unleash their money-making potential, you have to figure out the framework for success. Otherwise, your new business will end up on the scrapheap like the rest.

The good news is that you have come to the right place. In this post, you will find the best ways to flip cars and make a profit while competing with the big boys. If you are curious, just continue reading to find out more.

Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Don’t take offense as no one is calling you a criminal. Unfortunately, there are limits on the number of cars a person can flip in a calendar year. If you don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law, it is essential you know that number. Depending on the state, the rules and regulations will change, so head to the website to dig up the dirt. Once you know how many constitute a legal business, you can play by the rules and avoid any nasty penalties like a fine or jail time. Also, consider how many cars you have to flip before the state classes you as a dealer. Dealerships have to pay taxes which could affect your bottom line.

Upgrade Your Repair Skills

As the name suggests, flipping a vehicle will require you to make fixes. Obviously, the first port of call would be a mechanic as they have the skill and expertise. However, engineers cost money, and spending too much on the repairs will negate the point of flipping the car. The solution is to brush up on your repair skills so that you can do the majority of the work. That way, the expense will be a lot lower and won’t affect the profit margins. A great way to get to know a car is to look under the hood. After all, practice makes perfect. Along with an online manual, you should be able to find and fix the problem in no time.

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Don’t Overextend

With willpower and a drive to succeed, there aren’t many things you can’t accomplish. Still, the cost it takes to succeed could render the task pointless. This is important to keep in mind when you buy a used or second-hand vehicle. Yes, there are cars which have minor issues and only need a bit of tender loving care. However, some motors have no engine, a rickety can belt, and an exhaust that’s about to fall off. As a rule, these cars are too much hassle and too costly to repair. Your best bet is to focus on the ones with the right foundations, yet need cosmetic work. After all, a paint job costs more than rebuilding an engine.

Go To Car Auctions

The best way to keep the cost of buying a car low is to source a cheap motor. Sadly, cars are not as cheap as before thanks to the used automotive industry. Dealerships now take unwanted vehicles off people’s hands, and that has lead to a price increase. Luckily, car auctions are still excellent places to find vehicles which are reasonably priced. The reason is that they are repossessions or trade-ins, so there is no need to worry about the quality. What you should worry about is picking the perfect lot. To sort the men from the boys, look for the dirty and unused cars. Although some people think they are not worth the money, there is value as a bad paint job isn’t a sign of a crappy engine. Plus, if the price is low, it is worth a punt because you will probably break even anyway.

Search The Web

Apart from auctions, there are other avenues to check out on the internet. The main ones are sites which sell anything, like eBay and Craigslist. Most sane people would never dream of buying a car from an anonymous user, but the risk is a calculated one. For one thing, eBay has a feedback icon which alerts you to a user’s ability to deliver. Also, again the price could be that minimal it is worth taking the gamble. One tip worth remembering is not to get emotionally involved. Remember you are buying a car to sell and not to drive. If you see a bargain and miss it, forget it and start looking for the next one.

Buy Popular Models

Do you know what the most popular car model is in your area? If the answer is no, you should find out before investing. Yes, there is a buyer for every make and model, but they are more buyers for popular vehicles. Say the sales of a Subaru Forester have gone through the roof, it makes sense to jump on the bandwagon. The stats show that the chances of selling this model are high, and that is the most important thing. Nowadays, European cars are sought after in North America for prestige purposes. As such, a Volkswagen or an old Audi should be high on your list.

Try And Avoid Foreign Models

Saying that there are times when European cars or cars from outside of the country are not worthwhile. Quite simply, they might be cheap now, but the cost will increase when you try to import them into the country. Sometimes, the tariffs on imports are extortionate and not worth the hassle at all. Therefore, cars like Fords and Chevrolets can make money as they might be the cheapest option in the long-term. Buying foreign models usually applies when you are eBay as the post could be from anywhere in the world.

Hopefully, the advice above will help you flip cars and make a profit.

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