Following the protocol: 5 Steps to Take After Being Involved In a Truck Crash

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Accidents are scary. You get confused whenever they occur. Sometimes we lose lives and sometimes we lose parts of our body. When luck is with us we escape without a scratch. Accidents have been on the rise due to speeding and reckless driving. Driving when drunk is a major cause of accidents. Most of these accidents are usually preventable and occur due to human error. Driving on a busy highway can be scary even for experienced drivers. The trucks are very huge and may be harder to control. You may lose control when trying to move around a bend or even in the middle of the highway. Most of the long distance drivers usually do not get enough sleep because they spend more time travelling. This makes them to grow tired and can get drowsy when driving. They can lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident. Here are the 5 steps that you can follow when you get involved in a truck crush;

  1. Stop and Report the Crash

When the accident occurs, stop the truck and ensure that you are not injured. Get out of the truck and check if the passenger in the other vehicle is okay. If there are people who are injured in the accident then call 911. If the passengers are in a life threatening condition then help them by conducting a first aid procedure. You can also call the police or the state highway patrol. Once the police arrives, they will inspect the scene of the accident. The police officer will instruct you to fill out an accident report and advise you on what to do.

  1. Seek Medical Treatment

It is important to visit the hospital for a check-up after an accident. You may have internal bleeding that may be fatal if not detected in time. You may also have minor scratches on your body that may need to be dressed. In case you feel dizzy, you should alert the doctor. Tell the doctor everything that you are feeling on your body. This will help the doctor to detect the presence of any anomaly.

  1. Document the Accident

Take photos of the accident using your smartphone. This is important if you feel the accident was caused because of driver negligence. These photos can help in the court. They can be used before a judge as an evidence. These photos can be used to identify who caused the accident, the amount of damage that happened to your car. It is hard to argue to with photographic evidence.

  1. Check for Witnesses

Immediately the accident has occurred, look around for any witnesses. You can collect information from them about the accident. You can convince them to go and write a witness statement at the nearest police post. The witness statements can help in proving who really caused the accident and how the accident occurred.

  1. Exchange Information With the Other Party

While at the scene of the accident, it is important to exchange your details with those of the other the party involved. Some people are malicious and can escape the scene once they realize that they are on the wrong side. When you exchange your information you can easily contact the other party at a later date if you to file a complaint.

Bottom  Line

These are some of the steps you follow whenever you are involved in a truck crash. So, follow them to a tee and seek your justice.

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