Following Your Spouse Abroad For Work? Here’s How To Make It Less Stressful

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It is not uncommon for an international company to ask some of their valued employees to move abroad for a fixed period to work in a different office or branch. For the most, this can be a superb career opportunity as the company usually pays for all the moving and relocation costs, and there is often a significant pay rise involved for the worker.

However, as positive as this move can be for the individual, it can be a very challenging time for the spouse or partner and the rest of the family that has to follow them. They more than likely do not have the same job opportunity for themselves in the new country and may not be able to speak the language there. They may also have to leave family and friends behind to follow their spouse, leaving them feeling lonely and isolated. If this is something that is likely to affect you in the near future, read on to find out how to make the process a lot easier on everyone involved.

Make sure you can go

Some countries require every visitor and non- citizen to obtain a visa before they enter. Australia, for example, requires anyone who is paying a visit to the country to have a tourist visa, but if they want to stay longer and intend on working, they will then need a work Visa. Thankfully, when you are relocating or emigrating at the request of a workplace, more often than not, they will help you to sort out the relevant visas and paperwork to be able to stay and work legally. However, if you’re not sure about any of the legalities around your move, it is essential that you get in touch with a reputable immigration law firm.

Take a language class

If you are moving somewhere where there are entirely different languages spoken, you may struggle if you don’t speak any of it. It is a good idea to take up a language class before you go so that you understand at least the basics. When you are over there, you may want to carry on with your language lessons to continue to improve. It is also a great way to meet other expats. However, the very best way of learning a new language is to immerse yourself in it as much as possible. This will help you to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and help with your fluency.

Carve your own path

When you follow your spouse for work, it is very easy to end up living in their shadow. This is especially the case if your Visa prevents you from working or you have young children to look after. It is vital that you follow your own passions and interests and take up some hobbies by joining clubs and groups. This is also a great way to meet new friends in your new location. Just remember, it is important that you have your own life as well so that you do not become reliant on your partner.

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