Four Design Tricks For Casinos


Casinos are springing up all over the world, as standalone venues, in hotels and on cruise ships. The USA alone has over 1000 casinos, so there’s a lot of competition to encourage players to choose your casino. With some simple design tricks, you can attract casual players and high rollers in through the doors and encourage them to stay and keep spending money.

  1. Place your slot machines near the entrance. Slots are popular with casual players, and placing them near the front means they can find them easily and aren’t intimidated by having to walk through the higher stakes game tables. The flashing lights and sounds of the slot machines are also an iconic part of the casino, and having them where passersby can hear the coins cascading, and are tempted inside to play. Choose hard-wearing machines that will stand up to heavy use, as these machines tend to be most popular as they’re easiest to play. Place a mixture of machines that are cheap to play, and some more expensive options to appeal to a range of players. Arrange them in clusters, instead of rows, to encourage people to play without feeling like their neighbour is looking over their shoulder.
  2. Any casino needs gaming tables. Offer a mix of games, such as Black Jack, Poker and Roulette. Set up several tables for each game so players don’t have to wait for a game. Group games together to help create an exciting atmosphere. Games like Black Jack can get lively, especially when someone is winning. A noisy, exciting table draws a crowd and will attract more players, so make sure there’s room for that, but that nearby tables can hear the fun.

  3. Make sure you place comfortable seating. The right kind of seating will encourage players to stay at their games for longer, instead of being put off by uncomfortable seats. Choose seats that are supportive, as gamers are going to be sitting in them for a long time. You want them to be able to sit for a long period without becoming stiff or uncomfortable, especially on games that are popular with older players. Place chairs that look inviting, as well as going with the overall style of the casino. Dark shades work well, as they don’t look tired as quickly from heavy use. Choose plush fabrics in soft textures, as this looks attractive and encourages you to sit for longer, and stay and play.

  4. Draw people into the casino with some classic casino signage. Visit casino equipment suppliers to look for bright signage that catches the eye and encourages players inside. Game signage. Add attractive, clear signage to help gamers find the games they’re looking for. Neon lights and animated graphics work well, as they’re visually interesting and can be used as directional signs to draw people further into the casino. Make sure you’re also offering clear signage so high rollers can find the gaming tables they want, and don’t get lost wandering the cheaper slot machines.

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