Future of Social Networks

In this Article I will discuss where I see Social Networks and Smart Phones in the next few years!
With the unveiling of the Facebook phone what’s next for other social networks like Twitter?
Will we see a Twitter phone? 

I believe the future for all social networks may be where Facebook is going with the Facebook phone; instead of having apps to download we will be able to update statuses and tweets without opening up anything. 

With the status bar on the home screen you just tap and type, and I believe there will be a phone with a status bar on the home screen…and when you tap on it and get ready to type it will give you the option to Tweet it, post to Facebook, send to Instagram, upload a photo or video etc. 

I believe it will be integrated with the phone and not a download. Simply sign in to your accounts – yes it would be more convenient, but will it be necessary? I believe people who are more social networking nuts like I am will think that kind of phone would be great. On the other hand someone who hardly ever uses more than one network wouldn’t see this as the phone for them. 

So what do you think of a completely integrated social networking smartphone? Is it a good Idea?
Where do you see social networks and smartphones in the next 2-3 years? Let me know in the comments below. Or just Tweet me @jasongoyette

FaceBook Phone

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