What Does The Future Have In Store For Our Health Care?


If we are honest with ourselves, we can all see that our health care systems, no matter where we are in the world, are struggling. It doesn’t matter whether you pay for your health care or get it for free, there are fundamental factors that are causing this issue. All of us are living longer, we are all getting older, and we are far more in tune to what there is available when it comes to health care, and we want it right now. Of course, not all of this is in our power to change. None of us are about to ask not to live as long as is intended for us, but the future of our healthcare is changing. I thought I would explore what could be in store for us as each year passes, and the systems come under scrutiny even more.

Rapid drug testing and improvements in medication

With our intensive drug testing, research programmes, and extensive research into different medications and combinations, we wouldn’t be surviving some of the diseases that use to claim so many lives only decades earlier. This is why it is so important for these drug tests to continue, and one way some research companies are considering doing it is through preclinical molecular imaging. Drug testing and research continue to break boundaries in the medical world, and someday, we may even have the cures for some of the deadliest and common issues such as cancer, for example.

Do it yourself healthcare?

Our healthcare is changing, as we get older and live longer, we are using the resources available to us and reach capacity in doctors surgeries and in our hospitals. This means that the future is looking towards a do it yourself approach. This is where we take better care of our well-being, eat the right foods and exercise regularly. All the things we know we should be doing, but perhaps aren’t. But could be the cause of an illness or health problem in the future. There could even be things like home machines, that will scan your body if you feel unwell, to determine whether you need to see a medical professional.

Applications monitoring our health

There are more applications being created daily that help us monitor our health. We even can wear watches and wrist straps that record our heart rate and the calories we burn when exercising. However, as the future draws nearer, we can begin to see far more advanced applications that will monitor all parts of our health, such as blood pressure and body temperature, for example.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, there may come a day that instead of seeing a person when you are feeling unwell, you will be presented with a robot, artificial intelligence, that will diagnose your medical needs. Every day something new is published, or there are new discoveries being found all the time, it is impossible to know every piece of information available to us, where as a machine or computer can.

I hope this has given you an insight into what the future may hold for our health.

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