Well first I’d like to see less vehicles and more alternative transport like public look how many people can ride in a city bus compared to a standard sedan.Now I’m not saying get rid of all personal vehicles etc. But I think it would be cheaper for all and cuts back on carbon, now if we were to come up with a solution to get rid of the carbon emissions or cut them in half in all vehicles then great.But until we can come up with a solution I think city transportation would be best or adopt bicycling like I have..
Another thing on transportation if we were to be able to cut back on burning fossil fuels etc. for transport, Then why not cut back on car accidents by building what I like to call A SMART ROAD AND CAR.Basically a combination of the car in mission impossible ghost protocol and I robot giving the ultimate vehicle. I would like to call apon APPLE Inc. To have its tech combined with Intel computer processors. From Apple we will get a windshield that has popup windows but still allows the driver to see thru window perfectly. Automatic Corrective Steering it senses When there is a blow out or you begin to skid or swerve etc It will kick in and provide the correct amount of steering to allow a safe stop or for the driver to get control. There will be a ABS and AGS like no other it works just like the ACS the braking will provide enough brake to stop safely combined with with AGS and ACS, AGS is automatic gas system provides acceleration in order to gain control or to avoid objects etc. With all this it will have an automatic driving system ADS, you can switch from automatic to self, but AGS,ACS,ABS Will always be on. There will be many cameras and ground and auto detecting cameras and sensors which will detect how fast or slow you are traveling it also detects the speed of other cars around you so to know how much break to apply if need etc.It also programs your destination into the on board maping system, and gets local traffic reports and weather, it calculates the fast’s and most safes routes.It also has video calls that pop up on your windshield but detects if you are in automatic driving mode then it will pop up but if not then it will wait until the vehicle is parked or stopped.It will have many safety and luxury features.


One other thing just thought of this what if you see a car you like and want to get to know that person or pass someone driving well just select the option on the popup screen and it pulls up a animated map of the cars in your area and you can just touch which car you want to connect with and if you are in automatic mode u can send a text to them or call them.You will have a contact list and everytime that persons car gets close to you a alert will popup on you display.

I was thinking what if Your car and the road you drive on is communicating to each other road telling you what traffic is like ahead and around it can let you know when there is something wrong with the cars around you also telling you if your tires are in good shape and detecting if there is any leaks in your engine etc. also giving reports on how long your drive will be at the speed you are going with the traffic. Also detecting when a part of the road is slippery or wet or damaged and letting your car know the details so it can correct its speed etc.

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