Gadgets that Will Keep You Safe and Sane during the Pandemic

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Even as COVID-19 vaccines are on the way to mass distribution, it’s difficult to say if there’s an end in sight to the pandemic with new variants of the virus beginning to spread. Nearly one year into our prolonged isolation, it still doesn’t look like much will change in the coming months.

To cope, we’ve been doing all we can to make the most of our time at home. This is a list of gadgets that can help you with many things while you’re in isolation. Whether you want to be safer from the virus, need help being more productive, want to de-stress, or want a cool new gadget – or all of the above – there’s something on this list for everyone.

Self-watering planters

While scrolling through social media, you may have seen (and become envious of) the gardens your friends have raised and maintained since the quarantine started. If you have limited space – say you live in an apartment in Pasig near Tiendesitas or other central business districts, you can have that too. Limited space only means that you have to get more creative. And good for you because this means your planters are likely to be more innovative and interesting than the next person’s.

Feel like you’re a negligent plant parent? This self-watering planter from Dewplanter waters your plants for you. It gathers moisture from the air and converts it into clean water to hydrate your greenery. That said, this will work best in humid areas of your home, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re looking for something more upscale, try the WISREMT Hydroponics Growing System. Hydroponics refers to soil-free gardening, which means there’ll be less mess and fewer pests, so it’s perfect for the indoors. You can grow vegetables and herbs right in your kitchen without having to get too down and dirty. LED lights serve to help your greenery grow faster and also run on a timer, automatically turning off after 12 hours of use. The lights are also height adjustable to accommodate the growth of your crops.

Sensor-powered soap and sanitizer dispenser

Contactless engagement with everyday things is all the rage. Fewer contact points mean fewer bacteria and fewer things to disinfect regularly. While regular soap and sanitizer dispensers store the disinfectants that kill bacteria, their pumps and bodies are not immune to housing them. To keep your interaction with your soap dispenser contact-free, use an automatic dispenser. This is especially handy if you’re living with other people, and more people will be reaching for soap and sanitizer.

Sunrise alarm clock

Many of us have been having difficulty sleeping during the lockdown. There may be many different reasons for this. Nevertheless, one of the tips that experts recommend for anyone who’s sleep-deprived is to make your bedroom conducive to sleep. A sunrise alarm clock is just the bedtime companion you need. It mimics sunrise and sunset to regulate our circadian rhythms and gently ease us into or out of sleep. Most variants on the market also come with a range of natural wake-up sounds that you can choose from. You can wake up to the gentle sounds of birdsong or ocean sounds.This one from Philips also has an FM radio and a tap-to-snooze function.

Smart thermostat

Installing smart gadgets in your home can help you cut back on certain expenses while boosting your home’s real estate value. For instance, a smart thermostat is programmable and allows remote monitoring and control. You can program it to adjust according to the temperature outside or set it to a timer, making your home more energy-efficient when it comes to heating and cooling. You can also turn it on in the car on your way home so you can come home to your ideal temperature.

UV light sanitizer and wireless phone charger

Your phone can be just as, if not dirtier,than your toilet. Keep it clean as it charges wirelessly with this Lexon Oblio Wireless Charging Station that looks like a chic minimalist vase – it’s going to look great in your home office!

Smart coffee maker

What could be better than your morning cup of coffee? Why, voice-command-brewed coffee, of course. The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker can be paired with Alexa or Google Assistant for a voice command coffee-making experience. It pairs with a free Atomi Smart app on your mobile device so you can brew your coffee while you’re still in bed – or wherever you are, so long as the Atomi is connected to a WiFi connection. If you’re on a strict schedule, you can also set the Atomi to have your brew ready by a time of your choosing.

The past year has been long and full of uncertainty, and it seems the next one will be, too. But it can all feel easier to bear with the help of a few tech companions geared towards wellness and productivity.

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