Getting Started With Bitcoin

Author Saeja Cardenas

Would you like to make an investment for the future and have something to build up over time? Well, today I will tell you how you can and how I started and am now making nearly 10,000$ a month! I used to work online for 60$ an hour for about 5 hours everyday developing an application at the head of a dev team when I dropped it all and invested all my money into bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin? you may ask. It’s a temporary online cryptocurrency, basically like the stock market but instant money in your pocket. Every month I meet other miners and people interested in investing and sell my online currency for cold hard cash. This used to be sketchy since most cryptocurrencies would crash and now as they blow up they’re becoming a world hit with over 43 billion in interest for them alone and bitcoin now hitting 18k at a sky high price how could you not resist at such a young age? I have dropped all my cash and earning in to savings for my college fund and I have enough to go to college, pay off my student loans, get a new car, and buy a home and keep living. At that point I will go back to my Dev. career.

How can you start today? You need to be a tech whiz or have someone you know be a genius with computers with my own personal experience I can call myself a professional and am selling private tutoring lessons @ ( newchannel908@gmail ) contact me at that email for any questions, now let’s hop into the basics. How to mine, you are going to have to build your rigs or buy them premade and get some asic miners just to dedicate to the interest and your love for mining because it will be the only thing you will be worried about in this lesson, what is a “rig”?
Its a custom built PC that is premade or ordered and assembled with gaming components and the newest hardware you are to use your PC that you have invested in to “Mine”.

What is mining and how could i get started? It will use your ‘rigs” hardware to its absolute limit and will not stop until you have scanned through data for the supplying cryptocurrency company, once you have mined through enough and fast enough you are awarded, you mine by fractions a day on blocks you select with your bitcoin mining program, Its child’s play my beginning investment was 24k in cash I have since than made more than 200k in USD for doing this. There are 3 Main cryptocurrencies everyone loves above all Etherum, Litecoin, and the famous Bitcoin.

Thank you for checking out my first article on News in general and I hope you stick around for

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