Getting Starting in a Career in Sustainability


There is a big increasing interest in careers around sustainability and green living. Businesses will pay big money for experts in these fields that can help them to boost their business and help them to save money. People are waking up to the environmental and social responsibilities that we are becoming much more aware of. So as a result, there is much more demand and interest for these kinds of roles. But the industry is still quite young, so there is learning to be had. Awareness and some information around the industries can be a little limited, as well as you needing to differentiate between personal beliefs and ethics, with those things that are expected as part of professional practice. So here are some things to think about if you have an interest in a career around sustainability.

Choose Your Sustainable Path

Sustainability can be divided into three different areas. You could look at environmental sustainability which is all about reducing the impact that you have on the environment. This can be around sourcing products, and so on. There is also the social sustainability aspect of things, which is around the ethical side of business. These two things can be quite different and as for careers, can be attractive to a variety of different people. The third area of sustainability is around innovation. Innovation around the world is trying to focus more on sustainability, which is a really great thing. For example, it won’t be about making some of the best running shoes, for example, but looking to design some that are using recycled materials or materials that are biodegradable.

Broaden Your Knowledge

If you want to work in sustainability, then you need to know what you’re talking about. You need to make sure that you are doing plenty of research, so that you can understand all of the main points and think about the serious issues that you want to address. Some areas can be a really fun job to work in. Others, like working with the UN on climate change can actually be pretty serious, so you need to make sure that you’re educated on the right things. Having a great breadth of knowledge helps you to focus in on what you need to be able to do. From there, depending on what you want to get into, you could look something like the Energy Management Association and look to get certification from them. It is responsible for managing and improving energy performance in commercial buildings. So if you want to work in the sustainability of the construction and buildings, then something like that could be a good idea.

Find Companies That Care

It can be hard to give some advice on how to get into a career with sustainability, because it is quite new and can depend on what you want to do. But whether it is your job full-time or not, it is important to find a company to work for that does really care. When you’re working for the right people, it can make the job so much easier.

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