Got Somewhere Special To Be? 3 Ways To Travel In Style

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When you have to travel to a luxury occasion, whether this be a high profile business meeting or a plush last minute holiday in an exotic location, you have to do so in style. There are several different first class options to choose from, so it all depends on your own individual wants and needs, as well as the budget that you have to play with. If you’re heading somewhere special and want to live lavish during your journey, then read on to uncover some of the best ideas on the market today!

Hire Your Own Private Jet

If you want to get to your destination in super fast time but still want to experience the height of luxury, then what could be better than hiring your own private jet. Stepping onto a plane without the usual bother of being surrounded by complete strangers and their screaming children, the pain of no leg room and the terrifying food that’s usually served on economic flights is really second to none, as it changes the whole situation dramatically. The glamour of a charter flight, where you’re completely free to enjoy your environment without the hassle of other passengers, often complemented with Michelin star quality meals and a bar to boot, can never be rivalled even by first or business class.

Take Taxis To The Next Level

When you haven’t got far to travel but still want to do so in complete style, taking a next level taxi might be the answer. Gone are the limited old time options such as limousines, as they’ve been replaced by super cars and chauffeur services that provide nothing less than ultimate opulence. From the newest sports cars to classic vintage vehicles, pretty much every popular luxurious brand can be paired with a driver to see you safely on your way.

Overseas? Go By Boat

Perhaps you’re not a fan of flying or just want to try something a little different, arriving at your location by boat is a unique and more environmentally friendly option that just might fit the bill. With spacious cabins that house beds, shower rooms and all of the technology you might find in the average 5 star hotel, the main noticeable difference is the excess of peace and quiet when you’re out on the open water. There’s no privacy quite like the ocean, and the natural sights you will get to enjoy are truly breathtaking. Even a canal boat, for places such as London or Venice, can be decked out to such a high end that you will ultimately forget that you’re travelling inside such a vehicle.

These 3 ideas are some of the best ways to travel in style when you have a big occasion to attend. Taking a private jet is the height of luxury, and along with plush upgraded taxis and hotel grade boats there really are so many amazing options that can ensure that you arrive at your destination enveloped in opulence and surrounded by every feature you need to stay comfortable.

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