Greater Female Leadership Could Be The Solution To The Global Healthcare Crisis

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As the world’s population continues to age, the pressures of healthcare systems will mount. Doctors and nurses will have to accommodate care for an ever-growing community of people with chronic health conditions, like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Short of a miracle anti-aging drug, the healthcare industry is set up for a crisis. While politicians and insurers continue to pour more money into the system, it never seems to be enough, and patient care suffers.

Now, though, a group of commentators is suggesting a radical solution: include more women in top leadership roles in the industry.

Currently, female leaders make up just a small fraction of the total. Data collected by Bradley University suggests that women hold 22.6 percent of executive positions at Fortune 500. Bringing that up to parity with men could help move the industry forward and deliver better experiences for both patients and insurers.

Research from a variety of sources suggests that including more women in the top flight of the healthcare industry will yield tangible financial benefits. For instance, a Women on Boards study found that companies with strong female leadership saw 10.1 percent higher equity returns than those without. The Peterson Institute for Economics also discovered that companies with more women had more productive workforces and higher performance.

Are you interested in the importance of female leadership and success stories from the healthcare sector? If so, take a look at the following infographic for more insight into this fascinating subject and how it could help solve the global healthcare crisis.


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