Grubby Garage: The Ultimate Clean Out!

Pexels image source: Clean garage with motorcycle inside and tool boxes

How long have you been avoiding going into your garage? A week? A month? A year?? – Don’t be ashamed, it’s understandable why, but it’s time to face the music and see what’s going on.

We all do it! – We add unnecessary junk to the junk, which is sitting on… Junk. And why? Because it’s easy.

Well enough is enough. No more avoiding the problem. Change into your grubby clothes and tie your hair back – this isn’t going to be easy. Oh, and don’t forget your gloves… You’ll need them.

Here’s how to give your garage the ultimate clean out.


Before you start getting into the groove of things, it’s wise just to stand still, and take in the mess (that’s if you can even get inside the garage!) Evaluate all the problem areas and work out where you’re going to start your mission. If there isn’t a lot of room, you’re going to want to work your way through starting from the entrance.


Prepare yourself, here comes the stressful part. You now have to go through everything and sort out what you want to keep, what you need to throw away, and anything that you can sell to make a bit of extra cash. It will be a lot easier to sort this out outside of the garage so you’re not making hard decisions in a closed environment. Don’t rush yourself either, take your time and ask for help if you need it. Invite some willing friends over, stick on some music and have a declutter party!


Now you know what you’re keeping, don’t put everything back into the garage just yet – in fact, empty it completely. This means any boxes that are left there, tools, equipment, chairs, and tables – remove them so you’re left with an empty garage. (Mind the spiders!)

This is where you can evaluate again and see where the real damage lies (if there is any.) Inspect the room for holes, gaps, and anything else that may be broken, and make a mental note of it.


Now it’s time to clean, but understandably, who wants to clean a grubby old garage by hand? Fortunately, you don’t have to. – That’s what dry ice blasting is for. Get your weapon ready and blast off any dirt and grime that has been living in your garage. The tool is extremely powerful, it will clean the walls, floor, and ceiling immediately without damaging anything!


Once that’s done and dried, and you’ve had a sweep out, all that’s left to do now is give your garage a fresh new lick of paint to bring it back to life again after all this time. And don’t be shy about the color you choose – go wild! This is where you can let all your creative juices flow and create a hidden masterpiece in your garage that only you know about. It might even scare the spiders away!

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