A Guide For Extending Your Visitor Stay In America

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If you’re enjoying your vacation in America, but want a little more time to explore the country and meet more people, you’ll need to apply to the due legal process. American law is like many Western countries, in the fact that usually, it’s very generous to people who want to extend their visit to the country. Using the correct forms, you’ll have to complete the correct forms including I-539. You’ll then have a review of the class of visa you were assigned when you came into the country. Many people from all around the world, go through the same process and have their application serviced by the immigration staff at their respective embassies. It’s a relatively straightforward process, but it’s best to make up your mind quickly and submit an extension request at the earliest possible notification opportunity.

Getting ready

Some application may be rejected due to the amount of time left on the original. Check the expiration date on the relevant documentation which has the legal stamp of approval on it; the I-94. When you get these forms, electronic copies have already been made which the U.S. government immigration control will also have. You should have your class of visitor or admission ready and the dates of expiration as well as when the papers were stamped, i.e., when you came into the country. If you ever lose these documents you can find them online relative to you, on the U.S. Immigration Services website.


Make sure you are likely to get an approval due to your eligibility. You won’t be allowed to submit a new application using the same forms you have with you. Therefore, if your circumstances have changed, and you want to reapply under them, you cannot use your existing documents that have been approved as the basis for the new application. There are certain circumstances under which you’re unable to extend your visa, such as becoming a fiance to a US citizen, or as somebody involved in a crime and under potential prosecution. Check the website to see the likelihood of your situation being a reasonable request to extend.

Greater understanding

Completely depending on your class of immigrant status, your submission process is going to be inherently different. If you feel you need help with your extension application, you should contact a non-immigrant visas attorney. They know the law inside and out regarding visas, so if you are in urgent need of an extension, a proper legal service is what you require. They’ll keep you up-to-date with the proceedings, interact with your frequently, and give you sufficient information about the law.

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Responding to requests

When you apply for an extension, you’ll be required to pay the additional fees of paperwork, and for the extension to your visitor visa itself. You should have everything ready in a timely manner and have all the documents the institution has asked for. The Department of Homeland Security deals with the payment. You cannot pay for your extension in any other way than in US dollars, including with your cheque book. If you are demanded to have a medical screening, you will have to pay for it yourself. This is so, to stop the spreading of disease of not leaving the country in a bid to get free treatment as has been done in the past.

The extension process to a visitor visa is a simple process and is usually sorted in very little time. You must have all your evidence prepared and ready to be examined before you apply. Make sure your timing is valid, and your cooperation is without friction.


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