Halloween Is Round The Corner And Stranger Things Too!

We haven’t heard the last of Eleven

Are you ready for Halloween? Forget about your gruesome costume and the treat or trick sweets. There’s something even more exciting happening at Halloween this year, and it’s Stranger Things season 2! Your favorite 1980s kids are back to fight the scary Demogorgon et hopefully discover what happened to Eleven since the end of the last season. The creation of the Duffer Brothers has kept us excited, made us jump on the sofa, hide behind cushions, gasp at Eleven’s amazing psychokinetic abilities and shed a silent tear for Mike’s sweet romance with the extraordinary little girl. And as of October, 27, we’ll be back on Netflix to discover what else has happened in Hawkins, Indiana, since we last saw the friends. Is there a better way to celebrate Halloween than by watching this supernatural drama that takes us back the edge of fear and soft and fluffy childhood memories at the same time? The answer is no, of course, watching Stranger Things 2 is the best Halloween gift you can make to your old and modern self. But with a little prep, you could even make it a little more Halloween-ey!

Remind yourself of what has happened in season 1

If you get the opportunity, sit back and watch all episodes of season 1 back to back. Yes, that probably means that you can forget cable TV for a few days, but it’s best to start Stranger Things 2 with fresh memories. Will Byers was rescued, but he seems to have kept a connection to the Upside Down world. It’s impossible to know if the Demogorgon used Will as a host for a monster, but we can only hope for the worst. Eleven has disappeared at the end of season 1, yet Hopper’s waffle offering lets us believe that she might still be around. As for Nancy and Mike, they seem to have recovered from the horrors of the Upside Down fight… that includes forgetting about Barb’s death.

Create the right Halloween ambiance

Time to set the Stranger Things decor to enjoy season 2 best. Don’t worry, no need to get a hole through your walls. But you can use Joyce’s rather simplistic alphabet and Christmas lights decor. You don’t need to paint your walls, you can paint a sheet to hang behind the sofa instead. For best effect, keep the living room as empty as you possibly can — we hear you, panicking and asking “Are there reliable storage units near me?” and the answer is yes, MyBekins will take care of your stuff for Halloween. If you’ve got an attic or a garage, you can store most things in there until Stranger Things is over.

Get your 1980s best noms

Make things perfect and get a bag of 1980s sweets to watch and nibble in style. If you need more info, next season of Stranger Things plays at Halloween 1984. So at that time, the checkerboard Battenberg cakes became a hit again on the tables along with a glass of Pepsi.

Are you ready to dive back in the 1980s and follow the supernatural adventures of Eleven, Mike, Will and all the others? The Duffer Brothers have promised a season full of surprises. Get ready at home and let the entertainment to them.

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