What Happen If the Car Engine Light Is On

We sometimes pay more attention to how clean our vehicle is inside, by buying the best car vacs available and less or no attention when an engine-shaped icon appears in our car’s instrument cluster. And yet we very well know that it’s a signal that something wrong could be happening and it requires an immediate check.

On several occasions, if we’re honest, such warnings of check engine light signals range from gas caps not being properly tightened, low oil pressure, overheating to somewhat more complicated issues such as bad catalytic converters.

What does a Car Check Engine Light on Tell you?

There are several problems that trigger the check engine light on while driving and it is a sign that something wrong could be damaging your engine. Therefore here are some of the causes why your car engine light is could be on.

1. Loose Gas Cap


A loose gas cap will easily affect the car’s fuel delivery system. By doing so, it prevents gasoline fumes from leaving the fuel tank to other parts of the engine resulting in low oil pressures. So, in that case, your engine management system alerts you.

What to do about it. In the case of a loosened gas cap, re-tighten it before checking for any possible cracks present. Continue driving and see if the check engine lights are off. If the lights persist, then you’ll need to replace them with the new ones.

2. Spark Plug Issues

Any malfunction of the spark plug to ignite the flue- air mixture can easily cause a misfire in the engine, and indeed, that will cause the car engine to shut off suddenly. Such issues connected to spark plug wiring prevent the transfer of electricity from the coils to the spark plug and yet without proper connections, the fuel-air mixture transfer to the cylinder for ignition cannot happen.

What to do with the spark plug issues. The spoiled or failing spark plugs need to be replaced with new ones because there’s nothing much you can do about them. It is easy to access them just head over to the car hood and have them replaced right away.

3. Vacuum Leaks

Overheating is one of the main causes of vacuum hose damage in addition to aging. When the vacuum system is affected, vacuum leaks start to happen. And as such the car engine is exposed to extreme heating or coldness.

4. Catalytic Converter Problems

Catalytic converter problems such as failure to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide or catalytic converter clogging, certainly trigger the engine check light on. This results into unusual sounds and fumes of discolored smoke oozing from the exhaust.

What to do about the catalytic converter problems. Unfortunately, keeping track of your gas mileage turns out to be a problem with the catalytic converter failure, so, work around it and have it repaired immediately or else if possible buying a new one would be a better alternative.

5. Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

This is a common problem that results in your car not being able to monitor the amount of air entering the engine. So, there’s always reduced gas mileage and sudden changes in the position of the throttle pedal. In such a case your car finds problems in adjusting to the altitude.

What to do about the mass airflow sensor failure. The main cause of mass airflow sensor failure is due poor installation or worn out air filters. So, make sure you replace the air filters at least once a year or else have them properly installed.

6. Spoiled Battery

A dead or poorly connected car battery will always cause countless issues when it comes to the functioning of car engines. To be precise, you won’t be able to start car if the battery is dead.

What to do with a dead car battery. If you cannot afford to replace your old car battery, at least have it maintained from any of the available car dealers or mechanics.

How to Reset Check Engine Light with Scanner

Now that your car displays an engine light on meaning that there’s a problem. Modern cars today are integrated with computerized systems that help drivers to determine what it is wrong with their vehicles without going to the mechanic. These tools or scanners are easy to use because they come with guided step-by-step instructions.

How to reset check engine light with a scan tool is quite simple for example a short cable is connected to the car’s OBDII port which is just under the dashboard near the driver’s side. Once plugged in, you’ll need to insert a key for lights and clock to turn on.

Then input the vehicle identification number (VIN) in addition to the requested information like the engine type and model Because this process is simple, the rest of the work is to follow the on-screen procedures.


As a car owner, such negative feelings that come when your car reset engine light is on, shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Diagnosing your car using a best automotive diagnostic scanner is as simple as 1-2-3.

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