He Who Dealt It Drove Dangerously: Avoiding Blame In The Driving Game

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No matter the circumstances, being involved in a car accident is awful. Every driver dreads the crisp crunch of their car’s exterior. Even if someone else crashes into you, you face repairs, recovery, and recurrent nightmares.

If your driving did the deed, you’re in for a even rougher ride. The other driver will be free to point the finger, and could take you to court if they feel your actions warrant it. Your insurance premiums will rocket and you won’t be able to sleep because of guilt. Just like that, a bad life experience will become an unbearable one. 

But, we aren’t telling this to frighten you. We’re pointing this out to emphasise how important it is to keep yourself blame-free. Accident or no, you never want that finger of blame to point your way. That’s why we’re going to look at a few simple ways to retain your innocence in every situation.

Follow the rules

Let’s not beat around the bush; being safe on the road is easy. You passed your test, didn’t you? Your lessons alone should have given you everything you need to be a safe driver. The main reason that nearly 1.3 million people die on the road each year is that we get sloppy. We stop holding our steering wheels the way our driver taught us. We start taking unnecessary risks when we’re pulling out. Some people even choose to skip red lights and ignore speed limits. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how risky that is. If you’re flouting rules, the blame will soon land on your shoulders. By comparison, driving by the book means no one can say you’re in the wrong.

Care for your car

It’s not only how you drive which counts here. What you drive also has some standing. The best driver in the world could cause an accident if they haven’t cared for their car. It’s your responsibility to make sure your vehicle passes muster. That means buying from reputable dealers, and getting regular certified car care for things like your brakes and engine. If your brakes fail because you didn’t keep up with maintenance, it’s on your head. So, don’t mess around. Keep up with regular checks, and take your car to the garage at least once a year.

Be alert

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Lastly, make sure you’re alert during every second your spend behind the wheel. Upwards of 1,000 people are injured each day due to distracted driving. Whether you’re singing along to the radio or checking your phone, blame will find its way to you. Drowsy driving is also a serious issue. While stats are uncertain, there are suggestions drowsy driving causes 10% of accidents. This works in the same way as distracted driving, only you’re falling asleep instead of focusing on something you shouldn’t. Don’t do it. Instead, make sure that you’re 100% alert and focused 100% of your time on the road. Otherwise, leave the driving for another day and keep yourself free of blame.

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