Is The Health Supplement Industry Problematic?


The health supplement industry is absolutely booming right now. It’s been like this for a good few years now, and a lot of it is down to the increased focus on our physical health. A while ago, there was the big obesity uproar where everyone was worried about the growing obesity epidemic. This lead to healthier foods being sold and gym memberships skyrocketing. Supplement companies soon realised an opportunity and jumped at it with both hands.

What is a health supplement? Health supplements usually come in either pill or powder form and contain essential nutrients or vitamins/minerals for our body. They’re seen as a convenient way to increase your dietary intake of a particular thing if you have trouble getting it from food. A good example of this is a protein powder supplement. If you don’t eat meat, it can be hard to get as much protein in your diet as you need. Therefore, a vegan-friendly protein powder can take a meal from having 4g of protein to around 20g by having a protein shake on the side. The key thing with supplements is that they contain things that are already present in our body. We’re not just pumping our veins full of bad things.

The general aim of the health supplement industry is to help people live healthier lifestyles and improve their diets. Unfortunately, there have been loads of negative reports within this industry, and many people believe it’s problematic. They think some companies pack their supplements full of bad ingredients that make them more detrimental to our health. It’s also argued there are loads of supplements that simply don’t do anything, and are targeted at physical insecurities, with the sole aim to make money off vulnerable people. The best example of this are so-called ‘fat burner’ supplements. They’re aimed at overweight people that want to slim down and claim to help them lose weight. Most of the time, they do nothing and are a waste of money.

However, it’s not all like this, and the main thing is to be wary of certain companies and do your research. Before you think about buying a health supplement, there are few things to consider.

The first is whether or not the company is trustworthy. A good way to check this out is to look for customer reviews of that company online. As you can see from these AlgaeCal reviews on Glassdoor, you could also check health supplement company reviews from their employees. This gives an insight into the company, and what the people working there think about it. Sometimes, you find ex-employees talking about how wrong a company is and how unethical and untrustworthy they are.

After you’ve done your research, you should think about the supplement in question. Do you really need it? For a lot of vitamins and minerals, you could benefit from a supplement. But, if it’s something like a ‘fat burner’, you don’t really need it.

Finally, check all the ingredients to ensure nothing bad is put in these things, and they only include natural products.

To answer the title of this article; no, the supplement industry isn’t totally problematic. There are just companies within the industry taking advantage of it. But, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you’re guaranteed to avoid all the bad people and only have a positive experience when buying supplements.

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