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Nowadays, increasing numbers of people are starting up their small businesses online. There are so many reasons for this. In the past, you would have to have significant savings or access to other means of finance in order to establish a brand through a traditional brick and mortar store. You would have had to cover the costs of commercial property rent or a commercial property mortgage, commercial energy bills, staff, security, surveillance, interior design, furnishing and fittings, cleaners, and all sorts of health and safety equipment. This was, of course, extremely difficult, and something that people would only try out if they were certain that they had a product or service that would hit the big time on the consumer market. However, nowadays, things are a little more laid back. You can set up a website and operate a small business online for a minimal cost. There are also multiple other benefits that come hand in hand with running a company online. You can operate around the clock (with customers having the option to make purchases twenty four hours a day, seven days a week), you can reach out to an international consumer base (by simply adding international shipping options), and you accommodate a whole lot more traffic in an online store than you would a tangible store. However, all of these benefits mean that the web is saturated with startups. So, how can you benefit from setting up an E-commerce store at the same time as standing out from the crowd? Here are a few different steps that you can take!

Effective Web Design

First things first, you should focus on your web design. Studies have shown that upon accessing a website, consumers will only take a matter of seconds to decide whether they are going to stay and browse, or whether they are going to hit the exit tab and leave the webpage. First impressions really do count when it comes to selling online! Now, the best way to establish attention-getting website design is to collaborate with a professional web designer. This individual will have a thorough knowledge of CSS and HTML coding, and will be able to take your page from a blank canvas to a functional and aesthetically pleasing store. Make sure to have a thorough consultation with your web designer before they get started. This will give you the chance to put forward your business’ colour scheme, or settle on colour palettes. You can give them your logo to incorporate into the page’s set up. You can also make sure that they include pages for FAQs, shipping information, returns and exchanges policies, and contact links.

Exceptional Product Photography

What use is it having great web design if you don’t have impressive product photography? Product photography could really prove make or break when it comes to securing sales. Why? Well, when you sell online, consumers don’t have the opportunity to see the item they are going to buy up close and personal. They can’t feel it and they can’t try it out or try it on. They have to rely solely on the images you present to them to determine what it is that they might receive. A professional product photographer will be able to present your products in their best light, showing people on your page exactly what you have to offer.

High-Quality Written Content

Another area that you should focus on is your website’s written content. High quality written content can help to protect you legally at the same time as selling goods! You should make sure that your returns and exchanges policies are written up by a legal professional, so that customers do not have any loopholes to make use of that could end up costing you money. Next, you should collaborate with a copywriter or content creator who will be able to come up with catchy content for the rest of your site. This can include product descriptions, blog posts, and text for links from one page to another. You’d be surprised how many consumers can be swayed to purchase through catchy content alone!

These are just a few different aspects of your webpage that you could focus on in order to stand out from the crowd on the web. Sure, achieving all of these things can take a fair amount of collaboration and time, but the results will be more than worth it. Once you have a high-quality, stand out website, you will see the sales start rolling in.

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