Here’s Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home


Picture the scene: it’s Monday morning, and your employees return from their busy/relaxing weekends back into the workplace. While you may have returned to the office with a spring in your step (as if), your workforce stagger in, tired and bedraggled. “If only we could have had an extra hour in bed” they complain. Despite extolling them with a lesson in how they can improve their work ethics, you probably identify with their woes. Perhaps now is the time to consider letting them work from home – not only will it help them, but it will also improve your business.

Here are five reasons why home-working is worth considering.

1. You will boost morale

Being able to sleep in a little past the alarm clock, and without the grind of the daily commute, your employees will have improved morale as they begin their work day at home. Studies have suggested that people who work from home are more productive than their office counterparts, and this is down to a happier mood and a relaxed frame of mind. So, not only are you making your employees lives better, but they are getting more work done as well. What more incentive do you need?

2. Technology has caught up

While there will be reason to come into the office occasionally, your employees can still get the majority of their work done thanks to advances in technology. They can collaborate with you and others through online software such as Slack, and you can access each other’s desktops remotely, on whatever platform you work on. Check out this tutorial on how to access Mac remotely, as an example. You can even conduct face-to-face meetings using video communication software, such as Skype. A few years ago, the concept of working from home seemed foolish, but now it makes practical sense.

3. You will save money

When you are looking to reduce the costs of running your business, allowing your staff to work from home makes perfect sense. For starters, you won’t need to cover some of their travel expenses. Then there’s the reduction in office space, so you may be able to pay less rent. Utility bills will be reduced because less lights will be turned on, and fewer devices will be plugged into the main. And hey, you won’t have to keep them motivated with snacks on their lunch breaks, either, so there are all kinds of savings you will make.

4. There will be fewer sick days

Many sick days are used up because of stress, but by improving your staff’s work/home balance, this should become less of an issue. They are less able to spread any germs around the office as well, thus eliminating an epidemic that could force you to shut up shop for the day. Then there are those other sick days, where your staff can’t be bothered coming in to work, perhaps because it’s raining outside, or they have a hangover. Lazy, yes? Naughty? Absolutely! But if they are able to work at home, this should become less of an issue.

5. You can work from home

Perhaps the greatest incentive of them all. Why should your staff be alone in having the luxury of home comforts when you can as well. You can skip the commute, have an extra hour in bed, and have the peace of mind in knowing that you can save money in your business, while still being able to get your work done on time. Result!

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