Here’s How Technology Is Changing How Businesses Accept Payments


Did you know that technology is changing how businesses accept payments? It’s true, and here are the main tech trends that are sweeping the business world:


Contactless Payments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll have noticed a massive trend in modern business payments. These days it’s all about contactless and paying for things without needing a chip & pin. Credit/debit cards can now complete transactions just by being tapped against a contactless reader. The transaction is over within seconds, and it keeps everyone moving along at a nice speed. This is a massive change in how businesses accept payments, and it will continue to adapt too. For example, at the moment, you can only pay contactless up to a certain price limit. Someday we will probably be able to pay for anything with just the tap of our card. Also, phones are now being used to pay for things too. You can register a card on your device then tap it against a reader and pay for whatever you’re buying



Mobile Phones As Credit Card Processors

To go along with contactless payments, we also see a change in the point of sale. They’re no longer fixed points in stores and are instead incredibly mobile. These days, you can get a credit card machine that attaches to a mobile device. This means your phone or tablet is now a credit card processor. People can tap or swipe their card in the attachment and pay for things quickly. It works both contactless and in the traditional manner. The money gets processed, and you see it on your phone screen when it’s confirmed, and the transaction is complete. This type of technology is an absolute necessity for so many businesses. Too many companies refuse card payments because they don’t want to purchase one of the old machines. Now, all you have to do is get something tiny that attaches to your phone. It also means taxi services and other similar business ideas can accept card payments instead of just cash. This revolutionizes the way some companies make their money.



Eliminating The Need For Cash

When you look at the above two points, you’ll notice they have something in common. Both of these tech trends have served to help people pay for things without cash. It gives businesses more opportunities to offer alternative methods of paying for things. What this does is slowly eliminate the need for your business to require cash payments. There are some bonuses to getting paid in cash, but there are also plenty of negatives. Mainly, people rarely pay for things in the exact amount. So, you have to spend time giving out change and ensuring you have enough change to give out. With technology, there will soon be a time where cash payments are just completely obsolete. Everything will be done via contactless cards and phones. With the above point on mobile credit card machines, this looks even more likely. Now, any business can accept card payments no matter where they are.

It’s interesting to reflect on how technology is shaping the way businesses accept payments in this day and age. It’s helping businesses run more smoothly and efficiently.


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