Hospital Admissions Are On The Rise – Here’s Why


Did you know that more and more people are being admitted to hospital or checking into the emergency room? Recent research shows that the number of people being treated by hospitals around the country has indeed risen, and it has also shown us the top causes for those visits.

Here are the top five reasons why most people are visiting hospitals these days – make sure you try and prevent these causes as best you can!

Car Accidents

Car accidents have always been a common reason for people to go to ER. In fact, some accidents are so serious that some victims need to spend a longer stay in the intensive care ward. Of course, there is sometimes little you can do to prevent a car accident when there are some very poor drivers on the road. If you are involved in one, it’s important to review your case to see if you are eligible for compensation that could cover your hospital bills. Make sure that you don’t rush your recovery either!

Chest Pains

Another common reason for people to be in hospital is that they are experiencing strong chest pains. Of course, this is the main symptom of a heart attack so there is no wonder so many people head straight to the hospital as soon as they start experiencing it. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t always mean you are having a heart attack. Sometimes, the muscles in the chest can be strained, especially after strenuous exercise, which can cause some pain in the chest.

Cuts And Burns

The home can be a very dangerous place if we let it become one. This is especially the case in areas such as the kitchen and the garden where we often work with sharp objects. Many hospital staff see patients on a daily basis who have injured themselves in the home. Most of the time these are cuts and burns that can be treated in a matter of minutes and the patient can go home on the same day.


Skin Infections

The skin’s main role is protecting the body from any germs or bacteria getting into it. So, there is no wonder that sometimes the skin can end up with a chink in its armor and develop an infection itself. ER doctors are able to deal with these infections straight away and drain any abscesses or blisters. They will also be able to prescribe creams and medications that can beat the infection. However, some infections that are caused by superbugs might require a lot more attention and the patient may need to stay in hospital for a few nights.


Some people who experience severe headaches often go to ER for help. This is especially the case with people who suffer from chronic migraines. They will usually be sent to see a neurologist for further testing. If you can reduce the pain with household painkillers, though, there is no need to head to hospital for further help.

Have you been to your local ER because of one of the above recently?

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