Hospitals: Not As Safe As You Think

We go to the hospital to be treated for illness, injury, or discomfort. But such is the nature of medical facilities, that things can – sometimes – go wrong. There are plenty of dangers lurking in hospitals that you may not know about, and they aren’t the safe haven you might think.

This post is not designed to put you off going to a hospital if you need to, of course – you are statistically likely to be treated well and come out in a better condition than when you went in. But knowing the potential issues will give you a chance to keep your eyes open. Let’s take a closer look.


While no doctor or nurse is out to cause you harm, sadly, it does happen. According to, medical negligence can occur to anyone. Whether it’s being given the wrong treatment or medicinal error, plenty can go wrong.


It might be stating the obvious, but hospitals are places where there are many sick people, all huddled under the same roof. And that causes huge issues for even the cleanest of hospitals. According to research, somewhere in the region of one in twenty-five patients will develop some kind of infection while in a hospital. It’s more common in healthcare facilities that don’t take precautions such as offering hand washing stations around the building or don’t put on enough hygiene training for nurses and assistants.

Patients and visitors

Of course, the healthcare facilities can only do so much to stop the spread of infections. Everyone that comes into a hospital needs to ensure they aren’t spreading any nasty bugs by ensuring personal hygiene. The vast majority of infections are spread due to lack of proper hand washing, and the sad thing is that it is pretty easy to stop if everyone would just take note of their personal responsibilities.

Disorientation and psychological harm

While hospitals are designed to improve your health, their design, lighting, and heating can cause problems for many patients. The trouble is that hospitals need to be bright so doctors and nurses can see. They need to be hot because many patients require heat to recover. And they are almost always noisy because everyone gets sick and needs help. But the resulting cacophony of noise, super bright lights and constant waking for tests can cause psychological issues.

Financial distress

People who have complicated health issues often have to spend extended periods of time in the hospital. And it doesn’t come cheap. If individual patients don’t have the right levels of cover, they will face enormous bills when they are discharged, and for those that can’t pay, the results can be significant. As point out, debt collectors are common for patients that can’t afford to pay hospital fees, and people may also owe a lot of money as well as experiencing lost income from an inability to work.

As you can see, hospitals may not be the safe and friendly environment you think. It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to your hygiene, and you should also make sure that any hospital you attend has an excellent safety record.




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