How Can You Survive the Current Global Pandemic?

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Everyone across the globe has been a victim of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. It has changed our world, forcing us to adopt a new normal in our lives. With over a year gone, we are now aware that the pandemic is here to stay. There are hopes of coronavirus vaccines, but there is no guarantee when vaccines will eliminate the virus. Hence, it is now upon us to find ways to accept and live with the pandemic.

Surviving COVID-19

Health insurance plans are necessary regardless of the pandemic situation, but they alone are not enough to cope with COVID-19. Hence, we are here with these preventive measures and health tips to help you survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Follow the guidelines

The COVID-19 virus spreads through the air in the form of droplets. These droplets can land on any surface and fuel the spread of COVID-19. WHO has mentioned some common health guidelines: wearing a face mask, washing your hands frequently, and maintaining social distance to reduce this virus’s spread. It is important to follow these guidelines, especially when we are outdoors.
Maintain social distance and hygiene to prevent coming in contact with the virus. It is also important to keep your surroundings clean and sanitized. It would be best if you also avoided contact with any common surfaces. Another important guideline to follow is never to touch your face without washing it and/or sanitizing your hands.

Stay positive and connected

Anxiety about getting the virus or spreading it to loved ones is common, and it is understood as no one likes to be a problem for others. Hence, it is best to accept the fact and plan all the precautions instead of denying it. One of the many ways of staying positive is by staying productive. As the saying goes, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. It is essential to keep your mind focused on something productive. When you are not occupied with something productive, your empty mind tends to think of good or bad feelings about the past. If the thoughts are of bad feelings, it leads to anxiety and depression. Thus, it would be best if you kept yourself productive. Try to find something to work on.
There is also a necessity to stay connected (not physically, but virtually). Staying around your loved ones and talking to them can help reduce stress and anxiety for both you and then. You must also keep an eye for signs of depression in your loved ones.

Avoid falling prey to unreliable information

It is important to gather information about something such as COVID-29. It will help you prepare yourself for this uncertain time, but only if the information is true. While there is so much content available about COVID-19, everything out there might not be true. Reading disturbing and unreliable information, especially circulating on the messenger apps, can lead to extra stress on the mind. Read and consume content only from reliable sources such as WHO and NHS. If you cannot find the source where the information comes from, it is best to avoid consuming it. Even if the source is available, ensure that it is a reliable source with credibility, or else avoid reading the information.

Make a daily routine

Work from home has become the new normal. This has blurred the line between home and work life and made it even more challenging to maintain the two separately. The first thing that you need to do is create a full-fledged schedule with strict work timings. Without a work schedule, you will feel like you are working all day around, which can have a drastic impact on your mental health. Having a separate workstation will help to switch between the work and home lifestyle. Ensure that you are at and around the work station even for minute work such as attending a client call.

Avoid trips for some time

Traveling at these unprecedented times can be challenging. Thus, it is recommended to avoid it unless very important. If you have to go for a meeting, try completing it virtually over a video conference. So, if you must travel, ensure that you take all the preventive and safety measures. Also, follow the local guidelines related to quarantine when you reach the destination location.
This unprecedented time will not last forever, but our social responsibility is to watch out for each other until then. You must consider all the listed measures along with others so that you remain safe and help others too to fight and survive the pandemic.


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