How Far Will You Go to Safeguard Your Business?

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Business security is now more important than ever. Thanks to all kinds of technological advances, it’s possible to steal virtually everything from a business, reproduce it and completely take over the original company. It sounds like the ultimate grand theft, but it’s a reality, not a science fiction film.

Businesses are flimsy and can easily be broken without sufficient protection. Whether you’re a new startup promoting some innovative products or a business that wants to protect a family secret, you’re going to need to safeguard your company and you need to utilize as many techniques and strategies as possible to completely protect your business.

To give you an idea of how far you need to go to shield your company from threats, here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind and how you can go about protecting your company.

Cyber Criminals

The Rise of Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals have become more and more prevalent thanks to the accessibility of the internet, In the past, it was rare to have hackers run rampant on our systems because there just wasn’t as much knowledge going around. Hackers were incredibly specialised and most of them worked as security experts that attacked systems with the purpose of finding exploits that would then be patched. In fact, many prominent cyber criminals become security specialists when they want to find legal work instead of acting in the shadows to make a living.

Cyber criminals are more common than ever thanks to easy-to-use tools that can give them incredible power. Using denial-of-service attacks to flood a system with dummy requests can completely shut down a website or service, and it’s fairly simple to do if you know the right people. These targeted attacks can quickly take over and destroy entire systems. If you’ve ever seen the acronym DDoS then you’re probably already quite familiar with the term, and you probably know about its destructive effects.

The Dangers of Social Engineering

Another form of cyber criminal activity is actually known as social engineering. This is a form of attack that focuses on exploiting a target’s knowledge rather than their systems. They’ll use underhanded methods to gain unauthorized access instead of using brute-force methods to break into a system. Most people think that a hacker gains access to a system by trying billions of different password combinations that are executed with the help of a computer system, but those are incredibly slow and there are countermeasures to prevent rapid requests being processed.

If you’ve ever entered your password wrong several times in a row on a site, then you’ve probably noticed that it eventually locks you out or asks you to perform a human verification check. This is a simple countermeasure that prevents hackers from using brute-force methods to crack passwords, hence why social engineering is now the prefered method.

Safeguarding Against Cyber Criminals

If you want to protect your company against cyber criminals that use social engineering, then it’s important to use prevention as a basis for your protection. Educate your employees on what social engineering is, how to detect it and how to overcome it. If your employees are easily fooled by phishing methods then they need to train themselves and gain experience on how cyber criminals access your accounts and files. Only then can they prevent being tricked into giving up passwords and other security information that could compromise your business.

Training your employees is the first step to countering cyber criminals. It’s important to have the knowledge to prevent your files and security details from being stolen, perhaps even more important than software protection such as antivirus programs and firewalls.

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Robberies and Break-Ins

The Risk of Physical Crime

It’s also important to protect your business against break-ins and robberies. These physical attacks are far more harmful to your business because the damage inflicted by the criminals could be disastrous. If you’ve had break-ins in the past, then you know that it can be a terrifying moment for your business. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent physical crimes like robberies and break-ins–it just takes a little careful planning.

However, there’s also a new form of physical crime that is happening due to advances in drone technology. It’s now possible to pilot drones to invade company airspace in order to peek into businesses and to steal information. For instance, if your office is fairly high up, then there’s a chance that a competitor will pilot a drone with a mounted camera to your airspace and purposely spy on your employees, steal company information or potentially security details that would allow them unparalleled access to your company data.

The risks of physical crime are real and it’s important to safeguard your company from these threats.

Hiring Protection

Be it security guards to patrol your business after hours or hiring a drone detection solution to prevent competitors from spying on your work, it’s important to hire protection for your business. It may seem costly, but the benefits are vast and obvious. Without protection, you risk your business being broken into, you risk data being stolen and you risk hardware malfunctioning. This is even more important if you have valuable server hardware in your business that deals with overnight rendering of videos, cloud services and data backups.

Not only can your assets be stolen, but there are times when the data on those hardware devices is even more valuable than the cost of the machines that contain them. Your customer data is crucial to the operation of your business, so if a thief where to somehow steal or delete it maliciously, you can say goodbye to your business unless you’ve made a backup of your data.

Drone protection is relatively new because of the recent threat of piloted drones that are made solely for the purpose of stealing information from businesses. This is why you need a high-end solution from a company that knows what they’re doing. If you’re adamant about protecting your data, then you need to spend money on outsourcing protection.

Security Devices

Of course, you can also use typical security devices like CCTV and alarms if the data in your business isn’t as crucial to the operation of your business. For instance, maybe you run a store and the only thing burglars could steal are your stock and products. If you’re insured, then there’s a good chance that you’ll get a decent amount of compensation in the event that your goods are stolen.

However, to prove that they were stolen, you’ll need to have appropriate security devices such as CCTV cameras, working digital locks and also alarm systems. These simple installations are often all you need to deter small-time criminals, which makes them a fantastic budget way to protect your company. However, as you scale up and hire more employees and store more valuable data, you’ll need to upgrade your security solutions.

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Legal Protection

What Needs Legal Protection?

To put it simply, virtually everything in your business could require a lawyer’s help. Do you have a content writer working for you to produce articles on your news website? There’s a good chance that the images they use could be accidentally copyrighted and you may end up in a lawsuit from the image owner (always use royalty free images or own the images you use!) or a third-party could sue you for copyright infringement if they believe that you’re plagiarising their work.

Even if it’s completely untrue, it’s important to have a lawyer so that you can defend yourself from legal threats and attacks. It’s also important to have a lawyer that can defend your intellectual property from copycats. It’s common to see ideas from startups being copied by larger corporations that exist solely to copy other ideas, and it’s important to have sufficient protection from these types of companies so you don’t have to suffer from your ideas and trademarks being stolen.

Finding the Right Lawyers

However, it’s important to find the right lawyers in order to protect your business. There’s no use hiring an accident lawyer if you need a lawyer that understands copyright laws, and you’re going to need lawyers that specialise in workplace disputes if you want to protect your company from angry employees that are causing trouble in your office.

Finding the right lawyer is difficult due to it being a time-consuming process. The best way to approach this would be to seek references from other businesses or friends and family, but this isn’t always possible so searching for local lawyers is usually the easiest way.

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Final Words

As you can see, there’s a lot to protecting your business and you’ll need to go to great lengths just to safeguard it from all the potential threats out there. Make sure you don’t skimp on any security costs and always seek the best services and help you can get. Remember, it’s your business we’re talking about–don’t let it fall into the hands of a few malicious people!

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