How Local Governments Can Use Technology to Their Advantage

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One aspect of technology that receives less notable recognition is its transformative impact in improving a government’s effectiveness. Nowadays, new technologies hold grand promise for enhancing the effectiveness of a particular government. It can include efficient public services, such as health, transport, and education.
Fortunately, a growing number of local governments have realized its importance and are now using it to innovate and better serve their citizens. To help better understand its importance, here are a few reasons why every government should do the same.

Wider reach

People who work in the consumer internet sector knows how important it is to have a broader reach to their target audiences. It’s the same principle that social networks use to increase their value. As more people sign up to their systems, social media platforms  become even more valuable. So, for a government to substantially create an impact, they need to have an equally significant audience.
Anew app can allow residents to check transit schedules or even pay their taxes on time. Bear in mind that too many government processes can heavily impact the way their citizens run their lives. Reducing the time spent on doing such procedures can significantly change the lives of the citizens.

Seamless connection

In most cases, the city government requires its citizens to accomplish various procedures, such as paying taxes and parking tickets– even if you can do all these tasks online. But since government agencies can connect, creating a single app that can share information and databases can prov ide its citizens with a more convenient experience.
The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) also understands the growing need for ICT infrastructure, especially during public health emergencies. The demand for internet connectivity has increased among the public. That’s why the DICT, together with the ARTA (Anti-Red Tape Authority), released a Joint Memorandum Circular. It aims to create a seamless process of applications for private companies to construct PTTIs (Shared Passive Telecommunications Tower Infrastructures) to help provide citizens with a more comfortable experience. Once complete, system and hardware updates such as getting the newest supplies from a reputable Plantronics headset supplier or reseller can effectively reduce quality and utility costs.

Seeking aid from influencers

It’s essential to help get the right message across to everyone, especially during the pandemic. So, getting help from influencers to promote the government’s advocacy to help drive their message across. However, one challenge that the government may experience is how to leverage these advocates to their advantage. Since every influencer has their particular audiences, the government needs to choose those whose content is likely to be shared by everyone. Doing so will help you better determine what cross-promotional campaigns will suit them and their audiences.
City governments worldwide are on a search to create a connection with their citizens. With the right technology in place backed by a well-planned communications policy, it won’t take long before their residents experience a more streamlined and cohesive service coming from the public division.


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