How Much Faster Has Business Become?


There’s a lot of issues surrounding how fast businesses seem to come up with new products and services these days. There’s new technology available each and every year – the kind that’s slowly automating the processes human workers have done for years. Indeed, every year there’s a new iPhone, and every year the consumer gets more and more surprised and confused about how Apple can continue to innovate their flagship product.

And it’s something that needs a little bit of investigating; how much faster has business become in the modern day and age? Of course, the world itself moves at a speedier place, and companies have to keep up with the consumer want, but is the whole market moving a little too fast?

Technology Takes Care of It

Technology makes the world move faster, and often enough, that’s the crux of the problem. You can use a control panel from OEM controls to operate all the lighting and electrically wired storage inside your business’ warehouse, and make opening up your shop at 8 in the morning a lot easier as a result. Or you can run a home business with no one but yourself at the helm, because everything you need to make your operations happen is on the computer in front of you.

And that can be both a strength and a weakness in equal measure. You can automate your processes, and remove some of the stress out of keeping an eye on a company. You can turn to the internet to answer any and all questions you have, right there and then. You get used to instant gratification. But then, there’s a lot of people in today’s society who believe that they’re not productive enough, or that they cannot be productive without some kind of email in front of them that they have to answer. And that only serves to further cause stress.

There’s Lots of Overworking Going On

Overworking is something a lot of employees suffer from, and it’s a common problem in big and small companies alike. The video game industry, for example, is rife with allegations of imposing unfair overtime on its workers, and giving them extremely harsh working environments. It’s a billion dollar sector, and there’s a lot of competition – it’s a non stop game in itself.

There’s very harsh deadlines in the video game world, and products need to be shipped by a certain date, with very little give or take when it comes to trying to negotiate with the game publisher. Companies such as Ubisoft, for example, have thousands and thousands of employees, and a whole host of smaller companies on the developer payroll. However, this leads to a kind of 24 hour work cycle, and having the work stretched across multiple offices in multiple countries. Employees can never quite seem to clock off as a result.

So of course, business is getting faster and faster. We’re all becoming more practiced at what we do, but often, that can lead to unhealthy expectations.

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