How Much Would Your Business Pay for Convenience?

Convenience is a powerful thing. From online deliveries to digital documents, we’ve invested a lot of money as a collective to simply make things more convenient in everyday life. However, the price of convenience can be staggering but often worth the investment if it provides our companies with an edge over the competition. But how much do you pay for convenience, and when does it become a financial concern and not just an investment?

Paying for consultation and turnkey solutions

Turnkey solutions that involve consultants are often incredibly expensive. For example, if you’re hiring a construction company to help you build something like a new property or an office space, then you’re going to get plenty of assistance and all you really need to do is nod your head and give directions to the contractors, designers and other people involved in the project. However, while you do pay more money at the end of the day, you also don’t need to stress out about anything and the entire project is taken care of with minimal hassle.

Another similar example is purchasing computer hardware instead of building it yourself. It’s common knowledge that putting together components into a server or a workstation computer is more affordable than paying for someone to do it. However, if you pay the extra money for a trained specialist to do it for you, then not only are you paying for convenience and the guarantee that it will work out of the box, but you’re also paying for aftermarket support services and repairs.

This is just one of the many examples of why paying for convenience is important and why it’s such a huge deal regardless of your industry. It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly worth the money especially if it’s just a small investment for the productivity and time savings it could offer your business.

Paying for seemingly overpriced yet convenient solutions

Another example of convenience and its costs is in the newly-announced Apple monitor. The monitor itself will set a business back $5,000 which, in this day and age, isn’t such an expensive investment for creative professionals. However, the kicker that has everyone frustrated is how much money the stand costs–another $1,000. In fact, the monitor doesn’t actually come with a stand and all you get is the display, a power cord, a display cable and a polishing clothing.

While this seems absolutely ridiculous to pay $1,000 for an engineered piece of metal, Apple’s Pro Display XDR isn’t targeted at people that consider a total of $6,000 to be such an expensive investment. Technically speaking, it’s one of the most incredible monitors that we’ll see this year and it’ll be on the desks of creative professionals all over the world. It’s a convenient all-in-one creative solution that will be supported by Apple. The time and effort it saves in looking for lesser solutions with compromises is well worth the price tag for a serious company.

In short, if you’re a serious business then you’ll know that time is your main limiting factor, not capital. If the thought of investing in an expensive monitor from Apple or a pricey consultation service puts you off, then your business simply isn’t ready for that level of convenience and growth.

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