How Online Reviews Can Either Make Or Break Your Business?

What Not to Do with Negative Reviews

Social media and the internet, in general, have turned this an era in which everyone has an opinion. Your customers talk, they take pictures, they interact with each other. This only means they have the power to either start a positive conversation or spread the negative buzz about their experiences with your business. And even when you’re working your buns off to keep your customers happy, you will never be able to please everyone.

Enters bad reviews.

They’re inevitable. There simply is no way around them. If you haven’t yet run into a bad review, you will. And you better know what to do about.

While there’s always something you can do to properly handle a bad review and even turn it into something positive for your business, there also certain steps you should never ever take in response to a bad online review or you could end up making things even worse. Don’t know what

Are we talking about? Well, we’re here to save you butt from doing any of those. Ready to take notes? Ok, here we go. To learn more about online reviews, the facts and figures, and how they influence consumers – check out the amazing graphic from

Do not…

Live in denial

When one customer has a complaint about your business, well, maybe that’s just their opinion.

When multiple customers are not happy with your product or service, you should probably start paying attention to the issue—like… right now. Every business has room for improvement, and you’re not the exception. Even if you’re convinced that there’s nothing wrong with your way of doing things, you should always acknowledge the issue. Denying a problem exist is a problem for your business.

Fight with the reviewer

Yes, you will be hurt or angry when someone posts a negative comment about your business. It’s only natural to feel that way. Especially if you know what they’re saying is not true.

But you cannot—CANNOT—get involved in a passionate argument with the reviewer. An angry response could damage your reputation badly, even more than what the initial review could have done in the first place. Fighting in a public forum with a customer is a big mistake. Never do it!

Trick the system

You know how they say the best review to counteract the impact of bad reviews is gaining a ton of positive ones? While that is true, it doesn’t mean you should pay people to write them. Encourage online reviews but keep them organic. Buying positive feedback is not only a bad—or should I say

The terrible—idea, but there’s also the very likely possibility that you’ll get caught. Review platforms like Yelp, have systems in place to look for abnormal activity and detect paid reviews. You’ve been warned!

Do nothing

While you shouldn’t lose your mind over one single negative comment about your business, for the most part, ignoring bad reviews can be just as bad as any of the above on this list. Hopes won’t make negative feedback go away. If you do nothing about the negative reviews about your business, you’re sending the message that you and your business do not care about customer’s negative experiences with your product or service. That is really a poor strategy.

Yes, you should take care of your business’ online reputation, but you have to do it the right way. Denying the problem, arguing with unhappy customers, buying positive reviews, or ignoring the negative feedback is toxic to your business. Avoid those paths at all cost, or you will certainly

regret it.

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