How Princeton New Jersey Keeps History Alive

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America may be a rich country but it’s very young. It’s actually one of the rare examples of how modern technology and cultures from other nations can create an entirely new culture and civilization. So many people from all around the world came to live and work in America that we sometimes forget they even existed. Well, fortunately, America is only around 240 years old, which is nothing in terms of other nations and their histories. This means that for us who are living now, we can experience little parts of history in among the modern way of living. Princeton in New Jersey is one of the places where the British and other countries had an impact and still to this day, their cultures have marked the town. It’s only got around 28,000 people living in it but, all the better for people who want to travel as the history is less altered and getting around is so much easier.

Nassau Street

The story of the early settlers is interesting, as they go far back into the 1700s. It was an easterly part of America so it actually makes sense of how well-developed the town has been for a long time. On Nassau Street especially, you’ll find many of the colonial homes and buildings still intact. The locals actually care for them and make use of them via tourism and businesses inside the buildings. It’s part of the New Jersey Route 27, one of the early highways constructed in the early 20th century. Nassau Street itself was part of the Native American trail called Assunpink which makes it perhaps the oldest continually used road in all of America.

Never too far

You’ll find many mansions and country manors in the state of New Jersey and many of them are in Princeton. Just like many towns around capital and major cities, NJ is used by the established commuter class to go to and from New York for their job. In fact, here you can get a taxi from ewr to princeton, which means anyone that uses the airport to go to and from work, can also maintain a consistent transport link between the town. You’re never too far from work in the city or even beyond. The taxis are sedans, black cars, minivans and limousines so you can expect many people that are seniors in the companies they work for, to use this service. But if you’re a traveller, looking to go from Princeton to ewr, then this service is incredibly efficient.

Genius live on

Albert Einstein once lived in Princeton and one of the homes that he privately owned is still kept in great condition. The house is at 112 Mercer Street, Mercer County and is a hotspot for many travellers. It’s a stoppage in time, and history of this great mathematical mind is kept alive. The home is as it was and has decor and items from that period in time still standing.

The historical ties between New Jersey and New York are kept alive with great transport services for any commuters and travellers. The colonial homes of centuries gone by and indeed a home once owned by a genius are still standing and always being looked after. The sometimes hidden history of eastern America is cared for affectionately in Princeton, New Jersey.


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