How The Digital World Is Changing The Way We Do Things

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The world is evolving at a fast pace, and there is no hiding from it. Only a few decades ago, would the likes of the phone call, or carrying a mobile phone with you everywhere you went became a possibility. Nowadays, people would feel like their right arm had been taken away if they were to be without a smartphone. Information is so quick and instant, things are there ready and waiting, the world has changed. But have you ever taken a closer to look into how it has evolved? Here are some of the things to think about.

Digitising old past times

There is now the argument that things that have traditionally been the same way for many years, need to have a digital makeover in some way in order to keep up with demand. We are noticing it in the way we do things, such as voting and speaking our beliefs, but also major business people such as Belinda Stronach digitising the sporting arena that is Horse Racing, and making changes beyond their years. Things are becoming so interactive these days, with placing bets online or voting for people that you want in power is now done at a touch of a button.

Sharing our lives online

People have become obsessed with the “Instagram Worthy” life. We share so much of our lives online, through our words and visuals that we share. Nothing is kept hidden, but the one thing that happens more frequently is people sharing only the good stuff. There is nothing wrong with that, however, on the face of it, there could be more underlying problems that it causes. People are being faced with the perfect life on their phones. They are taking this in every day, every time they scroll through social media, and it is damaging mentally. You see the perfect life and start to question why yours isn’t so great? Why does that person have the perfect job and you are swamped under paperwork and deadlines? Why does that person have the perfect home where yours looks cluttered and messy? It is these things that while social media can be great, it can also be damaging to how you feel about yourself.

The way we shop

Years ago, it would have been the norm for you to head into your local high street and buy the things that you needed. Your meat came from the butcher, your bread from the bakery, your vegetables from the green grocer. You bought what was needed, and that was how you lived your life. But now, things are there for you from a touch of a button. You can order your food online to be delivered to you the next day. You can order clothes online, and have them dispatched that very minute. You can bid for things that people no longer want. The way we shop has changed drastically and that is down to the advancement in the digital side of things. The advancements are more focused around convenience. But then there can be the argument that because of this there is more waste and there is less focus on a balanced and healthy diet.

The digital world is evolving, do you think it is all positive?

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